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February 3, 2013

Some news from France LXXXXVII

Well passing by Paris is always time to see the beautiful city and get me updated on some things in life.

One of the things the airports of Paris (aeroports de paris) did is to open a webpage to showcase news about Paris in general, its a loaded site of information on all things French !! here is the webpage in English

Some of the cultural highlights will be “Chagall entre guerre et paix” at the musée du Luxembourg, 19 rue de Vaugirard. Running Feb 21 to July 21 2013.

Not to be outdone the Musée D’Art Moderne, 11 ave du Président Wilson,has until April 21 2013, “linder au musée d’art moderne” showing the English visual artist in action.

From those wishing to see the new trends in electronics music a la french go to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs until March 21 at the end of pavillon Flore in the Louvre at 107 rue de Rivoli,

Now here is a primer of a hotel. Hôtel Original, in a building from the 19C between Bastille and the place des Vosges near the area of the Marais that is so popular with visitors.  Decorated a la Lewis Carroll with rooms in the 180€ webpage

One of my favorite areas, and used to hang out there a lot, still do come less often is rue Duphot near Madeleine. In fact ,used to walked a lot around there ::) The nice hotel Burgundy is still there, now getting ready for the Russian new year with great chocolate cakes, hotel burgundy, 6-8 rue duphot, webpage

The new renovated shop of the Comédie Française is open again, the theater that is. The boutique is a heaven for the art lovers with class. Honoring the French with books,objects of arts, see it at 2 rue de Richelieu,

People ask me to buy French, well do look for it and it is here, Florian Wernert mens shoes is not for everyday use but the need is there I wear them and so should you. Found at Galeries Lafayette or BHV in Paris , webpage to order online here but to give you an idea of what they are,

Again, my favorites, to eat is the all time famous Brasserie Thoumieux, 79 rue Saint Dominique, the place was founded in 1923 ,and the same chef since 2009 who used to work at the hotel Crillon. formules from 29€ and 34€ at lunch, higer a la carte for dinner around 60€, the rump of veal and tuna belly is to die for it ( quasi de veau cuit tout doucement condiment ventrêche de thon) 20€ dish alone. webpage

And if in Paris during Olivier Giraud comedy show do go to see him. I take claim spread the word after meeting his girlfriend and help them spread the word amongst expats in Paris, it has been a hit for over four years, and still running ,here is his webpage

Fashion, fashion mode mode moda moda is PARIS; regardless of what those others tell you, this is it. It seems the names for men’s clothing sounding for spring are Cerruti, maison Martin Margiela, Dockers,Kooples,Barbour,Box Fresh,Napapijri chinos pants and G watch (yes mine);Joe’s (yes), and well the ladies, what do I know about fashion lol!!!

ok so what about perfumes and those wonders to see in Spring fashion trends, Flower by Kenzo, Amor Amor by Cacharel, Marry Me! by Lanvin, Shalimar by Guerlain,Very Irresistible by Givenchy, Loverdoes by Diesel, and Love eau intense by Chloe. Eau savage by Dior, L’Homme by YSL, Déclaration d’un soir by Cartier, CK one by CK, Boss by Hugo Boss (yes), and Bleu de Chanel.

My favorite Basque in Paris, Iñaki Aizpitarde doing the Chateaubriand,129 avenue Parmentier, unique menu of 60€ open 19h30 to 20h30 weekdays closed Sunday and MOndays. without reservations after 21h30.  and this is more from the site I write in French and on my blogroll bottom of the blog here,

One of my all time best for wine buying in Paris, Caves Augé and now Marc Sibard is doing something great going back to basics with real natural wine growers, business is booming here.  116 blvd Haussmann, caves here since 1850, Marc since 1987, and me since 2003 there.

And at CDG airport the first LIna Sandwich shop is open!  by the TGV level in T2,and the nice Air de Paris from stationary to gifts ,tableware, and gourmet treats   new stores just seen last week…Orly is going well with Starbucks that I saw last month, and the new free ride from parking P1  to Orly Sud. And a whole lot more to come in the City of LIghts ,well sad news. Beginning in July 2013 only the major monument will keep their lighting, the rest of the city will cut back on lights and many streets will be dark, so not a good decision and its been tested, as this will only increase the pickpockets etc, be on the lookout if nothing changes and here from July.

Enjoy your vacation and I will enjoy my life la vie est belle en France ::)


February 3, 2013

Exotic Indonesia, Asia here I come !!!

Well Asia it is so far,and my only attempt there was to Taipei back in 2002 to see some engineering project on computers parts. Now been having the opportunity to go back to Asia this time places like Vietnam, Singapore,and now Indonesia.

Even if briefs stays at one week at the most it allows me to see another part of the world that I am not familiar with sort of like beginning to travel again. And that’s always interesting lol!

My last trip last week was to Indonesia, visiting the cities of Surabaya and Jakarta for a grand total of one week. I went from Nantes France thru Paris, passing by Singapore to Surabaya and then a domestic fly to Jakarta. Back from Jakarta to Singapore, Paris and Nantes again. My car was left for a week at the outdoor airport parking and it took me three tries to get it started, I thought the cold and humidity had it done, but my Ford came back to life and it’s fine now.

Indonesia it is said to have 17 000 island with the most famous been that of Bali. The name of Indonesia comes from the Latin and Greek Indus and the Greek Nesos meaning island. The country has 34 provinces, of which I visited Java and East Java, whre the majority are. It has 240 million people of which there are over 300 ethnic people and about 742 languages and dialects. The official language that unites the country is Malay, and on business it is very much controlled by Chinese ethnic groups. It is not officially a islamic state and only recognise these religions Islam, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

Surabaya is the first port harbor of the country, and an important commercial center. It was founded in 1293AD and Surabaya comes from suro, « shark » and buaya, « crocodile ». The leyend has it that these two animals fought for control of the region and are represented in the coat of arms emblem of the city shown at the monument Tugu Pahlawan. Its airport is call Juanda, second in the country behind Jakarta. As per the Offical Airline Guide the route Surabaya Jakarta is the 5th most frequently flown in the world. Its official site is at for tourism here the webpage is at

Jakarta, is of course the Capital of the country since its independance from Holland. Founded by the Dutch as Batavia in 1619.  The airport is name Soekarno-Hatta, opened in  1985, and named after Soekarno the first President of Indonesia and Hatta the first VP. They were the ones who gain independance from Holland in 1945. The official webpage is at , the tourist office here is at

I stayed at two really nice hotels that I can only recommend to all, the one in Surabaya is a bit off the center but on the main road to airport. The one in Jakarta is off the center to avoid the heavy traffic there. The amenities and food was excellent, not to mention the personal service. The budget is good for all. See their webpages here

Surabaya, Somerset Hotel and Residences ,

Jakarta, Hotel Santika,

We made all our meals in these hotels, as the service, food, and convenience was great. I did venture out to eat at BonCafe, Jalan Gubeng Raya 44-46,Surabaya, they have a webpage but in facebook, so you can look it up. It is a great place for families and nice prices in buffet style or order from the menu. The fish dish was great ,good service, nice ambiance,and great prices. Tel +62 31 5941611.

My historical cultural knowledge was by going briefly to this museum right outside my hotel Santika in Jakarta, Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi , the  museum specialized on the life of Suharto, former second president of Indonesia andn a powerful political figure in modern Indonesia.  The museum houses and displays the large amount of Suharto’s collections; mostly valuable objects, artworks and souvenirs, received from various world leaders and Indonesian people, accumulated during the 32 years of his administration in Indonesia. The museum is a modern building with design took shape of tumpeng , a traditional Javanes cone-shaped rice, symbolized gratitude. The museum webpage is in Indonesian but can be translated with google or other language tools,   the rates are very modest about One Euro, they are here

In all a very brief instroduction to the country but a very well received visit, from very nice friendly people. One more spot on the map for me,and one more place in the world to look forward to come back. Enjoy Indonesia!. Cheers!.

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