Some news from France LXXXXVI

Ok this is beginning to be cold now its about 1C then we expect -6C for tomorrow and -5C for Saturday, with Sunday at -1C the day I am leaving for Indonesia for a week and my blog will be silent. Anyway, didn’t want to go without my usual write up on things happenning in France and mostly my fav areas.

Talking wine in general the Univ of Michigan in Detroit USA wrote a survey on wine drinking there and found out what we already know, France is third. California is first, and Italy comes second. Knowing the US market of cheap wines,and the large immigrant population not French, but 3rd place we take and screams…victory. webpage of complete study here

Basically the study shows American wine sales are concentrated for over 50% on five  firms, these are according to Euromonitor for 2011 as  E.J Gallo Winery (22,8 % market share with brands such as Barefoot Cellars, Carlo Rossi, Twin Valley…),the Wine Group (15,9 % with brands such as Franzia, Almaden, Inglenook…), Constellation (12,8 % market shares with brands such as  Woodbridge, Robert Mondavi…), Tinchero Family Estates (4,8 % market share with  Sutter Home…), and  Treasury Wine Estates (4,5 % market share with Beringer, Penfolds…).

In my other love ,Cognac, we have an increase in sales in the USA. According to the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de Cognac, , there were  168,1 millions bottles of  cognacs sold in 2011 with a sales volume of  2,39 billions euros.  The growth has been of 3,2% in volume and 16,7% in sales from the previous year of 2011.   The USA is tops in volume with  139 335 hectoliters sold up  +2,8 % , followed by  Singapore with 82 057 hl up, +8,6 %, and  China with 68 906 hl AP,up  +8,9 %). UK comes in next at 27 589 hl AP,down -2,5 %), and Germany 18 322 hl AP, down 14,9 %. France had down of -12,4 % ,so once again the best of France is sold abroad !!!

Alicia Keys will be in Paris at Bercy Village on June 24-256th so my girl on fire will see me there or I will explode in madness…I am in touch with her in FB lol!!! and on tour in Lyon and Marseille too. This Bercy Village appearance will be the 10th anniversary of Bercy Village too. Here is for the ticket and place layout info,–  and the bercy village site at

If you want to come close to Belgian fries in Paris then head for my favorite all time there, De Clercq, 184, rue Saint-Jacques,75014. Tél. +33 01 43 54 24 20. open every day as well as at  169, rue Montmartre,75002. Tél. +33  01 42 21 49 57.I hangout on the 14 near my old work office, and now when by Paris entered in MOntparnasse so there you will find me ::)  You have  formules from  7,20 to 9,90 € (7 menus burgers classiques or «maxi»), from  5,90 to  8,20 € (6 menus snacks).  a cornet or cone of fries in 3 sizes  2,50, 3,50 and 4,50 €. web

They are in Paris and near where i used to lived in Versailles, Carnar, for your best lean Argentine beef, the real beef from the Pampas plus empanadas or rolls of stuffed beef, my favorites, and all you need for a great barbecue ,you find it here This is a grocery store not a restaurant ok..

Chocolates of the amazonian equator in France, great chocolatiers the Chocolaterie Beussent Lachelle, we first came into them while attending the maxim’s sauveur et vins on the Seine at port de Suffren for many years, and eventually visit them at Beussent, great family story from France to California back to France.., see it here on addresses

I was offered this site (Pariswebtv) by a friend in Paris a while back,and it has been my window away from Paris, you can see reporting on Paris from fashions to gastronomy to monuments to quartiers, enjoy it as I do, sharing is wonderful.

And the same site gives you a flavor of the many districts of Paris here of course its in French, original and unique Paris from Paris1972.

Finally ,last night took a collegue visiting on work here from South Africa, seems to enjoy the galette and crêpes of Brittany with a breton beer from St Colomban; at my favorite place in Auray, posted before ,here it is again, Crêperie Saint Sauveur, Auray Tel  +33 02 97 56 35 53, where the lady of the place is 5 months pregnant expecting a boy!!! galettes a la madrilene, complet, with crêpes of apples and chocolate syrup call charlotte with expresso coffee.  no web very Breton ::)

Until next month stay warm ,cheers.

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