Paris ,yes Paris is always in my mind.


Well this is snow time in most of France,and we were not spare. Brittany is under snow of just one inch and already causing problems; by nightime the snow was mostly gone but still some icy spots. IN the Paris area it was worse, school transport was stopped and the Paris airports had some delays and cancellations.

In the Paris region is still snowing ,here it has stopped. So bear in mind the ice specially. IN other regions came to -4C in Normandy. Rennes had 3-5 cm of snow, really nothing for my previous residences but here it is a mess.  Poitiers had  heavier snow at Futuroscope. It is big news here but really no big deal when you are use to 30 and more cm of snow from living in New Jersey USA for 13 years lol!!!

Paris will have -1C or about 30F so be careful with the ice. Sunday will continue to have snow in Paris.  The RER A is having late and delays; as well as RER B the one connecting to the CDG airport. RER C to Versailles is normal.  all info is here

you have info on Paris for visitors here in English ,

A site to let you know the electricity plugs and power in the world and handy anywhere is kopla

You want to know where are you ,and where you have been ,as well as seeking wifi areas around the world check here

And would you believe, there is a site for the descendant of Louis xiv that would be the legimitate king Louis XX of France,  and

want to find any address, almost anything in the world and of course Paris, check this out

private parking to go to CDG airport in Paris, with ride to and fromthe parking to airport at

Statistics on world wine comsumption etc at OIV;

Finally the 9 arrondissement of Paris was my walking neighborhood when was working in Paris for 9 years, so here is a brief description starting with the wonderful Opéra  You have nearby the wonderful wide screen presentation film on Paris at Paristoric, 11 rue Scribe ,  Then you have the musée de la parfumerie (Fragonard) at 9 rue Scribe,  The historically wonderful Olympia at 28 Blvd des Capucines, you have the grands magasins or dept stores like Au Printemps at 64 blvd Haussmann, and Galeries Lafayette at 40 blvd Haussmann. église or church de la Trinité at 3 rue de la trinité just around from blvd haussmann and galeries lafayette, built in 1867, Casino de Paris, 16 rue de Clichy,Musée de la vie Romantique at 16 rue Chaptal, . anecdote that on 66 rue de la Rochefoucault,   Victor Hugo lived here! at place Gustave Toudouze you will find a Wallace fountain and a Morris column. See the place St George where the lorette girls were the incarnation of a church and statue now in the plaza; and off of it is the rue St George with the théatre Saint George,

Moving on for the wonderful 9th or 75009, you see the Musée Gustave Moreau at 14 rue La Rochefoucauld , the painter died here in 1898/  by here you are in the area known by locals as the new Athens or Nouvelles Athénes. Rue Saint Lazare communicating at the no 58 with the 56 , and rue taitbout,at no 80 gives access to Square Orléans of Napoleon III architecture where on the street at No 9 Chopin lived and at No 5 Georges Sand lived. You move into church or église Notre Dame de Lorette, 18bis rue de Châteaudun,built in 1823 . And don’t forget to walk the Grands Boulevards of  des Italiens, Montmartre, Poissonnière, Saint Denis, and Saint-Martin going into adjacent arrondissements.Especially the passage des Panoramas (first gas lights in 1817) at 14 blvd Montmartre ,done in 1800 and passage Jouffroy at 12 blvd montmartre, that links with passage Verdeau. Follow up at no 10 blvd Montmartre with Musée Grévin,  At No 32 rue Richer, you see the Folies Bergére nightclub ,  Continue at 16 rue Cadet you see the Musée de la Franc-Maçonnerie, or Masons museum at  at no 5 rue Drouot  ,you find the mayors office of the 9éme arrondissement de Paris,

Enjoy Paris and the 9éme . Cheers

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