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January 11, 2013

Some news from France LXXXXIIII

Here is coming another weekend ,actually just realise its the first weekend of 2013, and came home early from work. Some of the nicest activities coming up, many I have taken part in the past.
This is the museum of hunting and nature or musée de la chase et nature; hunting under the Croates,  until March 31  from tuesdays to Sundays from 11h to 18h  except Holidays ,night out on Wednesdays until  21h30, it is located at 62 Rue des Archives  near metro Rambuteau, webpage

There is a beautiful show on fashion at the museum of decorative arts or musée des Arts Décoratifs, ” Two centuries of European fashion 1700-1915″ or Deux Siécles de Mode Européenne 1700-1915. Located at 107 Rue de Rivoli  at the pavillon Marsans extention of the Louvre. webpage

The best new place tried lately is Le Repaire de Cartouche at  8, boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire, angle to the rue du Pont-aux-Choux ; here all is orange and nice chic, you need to try these  terrine de lièvre au chocolat , you have about 50€ per person here but all is worth it. Here is the webpage on the site I write in French reviews, and my blogroll address,

Another marvel for a morsel and a glass of wine is Le Dauphin Wine Bar, 131 avenue Parmentier, by Canal St Martin, Bastille, Republique, you need to reserve your table, nearest metro line 11 Goncourt.  offers lunch Tuesdyas to Fridays and dinner Tuesdays to saturdays. webpage

For the near term the Musée Picasso 5, rue de Thorigny  Hôtel Salé closed since November  2011, has been renovated with all the space dedicated to collections and expositions, the main plaza inside or cour d’honneur, the garden, historical decorations, all will be ready by September or October 2013. Webpage

The Musée Galliera located in a mansion of the duchess de Galliera, and now the fashion museum of city of Paris or the Musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris 10 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie ,re open with an expo dedicated to  Azzedine Alaïa.Same time around Sept Or Oct. 2013. webpage

The wines of Alsace or the Route des vins d’Alsace is celebrating 60 years in 2013. It was officially started on May 30 1953 and its the oldest wine route in France. It is 170kms long starting from the town of Thann, then  Marlenheim, passing by  Colmar, Ribeauvillé, Bergheim, and Barr. In June 2nd there will be a course on foot thru the vinyards done by the tourist office and the wine council.  Here is the offical site of the route de vins

Go over closer to me at the Loire, the famous valley of the kings, but not just kings. Here the great Jean-Armand du Plessis known as Cardinal Richelieu has built a castle around 1630. RIchelieu had powers beyond cardinal, as he was the Prime Minister of king Louis XIII as well. THe castle was the biggest castle built in France before Versailles!!! It housed the important collection of works of arts of the Cardinal. It was abandoned in the French revolution, and demolished in 1835 except the dome, the orangerie, and the chais that you see as you walk around the place today. IN 1877  a rich man banker MIchel Heine buys the property,and starts a period of restoration from the 19C. It is about 50 minutes from Tours on the A10 autoroute sortie/exit Sainte-MAure. Open all year from 10h to 19h except Nov to mar 10h to 18h FREE Admission.  and his official site in French,

see the wonderful Demeure de Ronsard, Prieuré de Saint Cosmé . From its foundation in 1092 to the 18C there was a community of monks at the prieuré in route to St James de Compostelle. Many French kings came here from the 15C to the 16C especially for the coming of Pierre de Ronsard that became priest in 1565 here. The “Prince des poètes”  or the prince of poets received here the visit by  Catherine de Médicis and her son the King  Charles IX.  At this place Ronsard saw his last days and died December 27 1585. the  prieuré is dismantled from 1742. It stays as is until the bombing in WWII in  1944.  In 1951 after many long renovations it opened to the public again. Admission is 5€ ,and you get here by bus La Riche, close to Tours on bus  3A – Pléiade, webpage in English,

At the Chateau de Saché, you have Balzac. He was born at nearby Tours in  1799,he the author of the Human Comedy or ” La Comédie humaine” stay close to his region all his life. From  1825 to 1848, he visites regularly  Jean Margonne, friend of his parents in the  château de Saché. He stayed at the room in the second étage or floor (USA third floor).  Here he does  Le Père Goriot, Louis Lambert, César Birotteau , and Illusions perdues . The chateau de  Saché serves as inspiration for his work in the romance of ” Le Lys dans la vallée” . Admission is 5€ , and you get here by the A85 sortie Chinon, then the road D751 direction Saché, its about 15 mins from Azay-le-Rideau and 25 mins southwest of Tours. In summer bus I of Filverts takes you on the run Tours Saché , webpage

And who can forget Rabelais, the writer  François Rabelais was the son of Antoine Rabelais attorney at the royal seat of Chinon.  He was born at the end of the 15C (around 1483 or 1494, the date is uncertain) at La Devinière.  He passed the early years of his life here, located in  Seuilly in deep Chinon country.  He left this Touraine country around 1510 to learned and gained experiences at Angers and Poitou then he writes at the faculty of medicine at Montpellier learning the medical sciences. It is at  Lyon that he writes his first two romances called  Pantagruel (1532) and Gargantua (1534). He was censured and condemn by the theologist of the Sorbonne for heresy.  He made several trips to Italy and then re entered France and received the status of Doctor in 1537. The work  Tiers Livre, Quart Livre is published while still living and the  Cinquième Livre  comes out after his death in  1553 at Paris. Admission is 5€ and you get here on the A85, sortie/exit  n° 9 Chinon, direction Chinon by the  D751 ,only about five minutes from Chinon and 15 mins from  Fontevraud.  webpage

 Ok to end a bit of  Brittany, Bretagne, Breizh, where I live now. In the world famous big town of Auray ::) a bit of background on my new city in France.  Auray comes from « aula regia » (cours royale).  It is said in Breton An Alren ,and at  one time it had the most important megaliths or stone collection.  The high town or haute ville was the seat of the old castle (now in ruins) and the parrish of  Saint-Gildas de Rhuys (now church Saint Gildas),and was on the rive droite or right bank of the river  Loch (the river of Auray), while the ville basse or lower town had the parrish of Saint-Goustan, where a harbor was developed, both connected by a stone bridge of  Saint-Goustan, cited since 1295 (and still here!). It is in 1364 at Auray that the big battle for the succession between the families of Montfort and Blois takes place. Charles de Blois, duke of Brittany was killed and Bertrand Du Guesclin made prisioner. A convent was founded by Jean de Montfort on the site of the battle (still here !) In the 13C the city is in the midst of wars between France and England until the annexation of Brittany to France in 1532.
The monks Capucins then later the Cordelières come to established themselves at Auray between  1610 and 1632.  From the 13C to the 17C Auray has three hospitals including the hospital of Saint Julien and the Hôtel Dieu Notre Dame. The religious order of the Miséricorde come to the hospital Saint Julien by 1636. The Augustines comes to the hospital Notre Dame by 1674.

 Hope you enjoy and sorry for the script I change everything hitting some button and can’t bring it back, tech tech tech lol!!! where is my typewriter ::)



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