Brussels and the Autoworld museum

The last of the saga of forays into Brussels this past December 2012 was the wonderful museum of automobiles call AutoWorld. This was great, really enjoy it and recommend.You don’t have to be a car aficionado to like it as there is history here too. I am a road warrior and car lover since my days in NASCAR Daytona Beach (11 years between living and school).

I have been to auto museums but this one is the best for sure. You have more than 250 cars, that includes motocycles, jeeps, fire truck, etc, you have a nice restaurant and neat complete boutique store. All the vehicles are arranged by motives and era on two floors of exhibits. The temporary expositions are there all year with newer and spectacular vehicles to see, even garages, and road racing competition areas, check the webpage. You have an educational space by Autoworld that shows the ins and outs of the automobile. On Sundays there is a restoration workshop to show how to keep these marvels.

You can hold meetings and events here, in fact while we were there the tables were all decorated right in the middle of the museum! to hold a New Years dinner! lucky few….The opening hours are From April 1 to Sept 30 10h to 18h,and from October 1 to March 31 from 10h to 17h; admission adults is 9€. The direction to get here is simple ,however, we took it tram 25 to Montgomery and came from outside the city into it walking as we like to see more ::) Restaurant service is nicely available, and it has its own webpage at

a brief historical lines, tell us that the main force behind this was king Leopold II idea to making Belgium keep up with the joneses,,,, and the Universal Expo of 1897 was it. In order to connect the museum of Colonial history at Tevueren to the Cinquantenaire Park where the rest of the exhibition was taking place, the avenue de Tervuren was built. The large halls that now house the Army and Air Force Museum and Autoworld date from that period.
All these development thru the years led to the formation of the Autoworld museum in 1986

You get here from city by metro line 1A and 1B Station Mérode, and by bus /tram 81 / 82 22 / 27 / 61 / 80. The official webpage is at

Enjoy the Auto World at Brussels. Cheers!

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