Brussels and the Mini Europe park, nice.

On my last trip to Belgium , spent it in and around Brussels. I usually come here often on business but decide to bring the family for the end of year celebrations. It was a trip well worth it,and already some posts written on it. This one is on Mini Europe.

Mini-Europe is a miniature park  located in Bruparck attractions park.  Mini-Europe has the reproductions of the most attractive monuments in the European Union on show, at a scale of 1:25. Roughly 80 cities and 350 buildings are represented. I was pleasantly surprise, a nice layout park with amazing beautiful minituares monuments of the best of Europe, you see it group by country and its nice, you must come here.

You have monuments to the smallest details like the Eiffel tower is 3 stories high building! and at the end of the trip, the Spirit of Europe with tunnels of educational activities and knowledge on Europe great for all to interact. And I did good ::) All is detail with arrows so you know your direction to see each spot in the park. There is a restaurant inside and gift shop.

The park goes into its annual closure for winter now until march 16 2013.

normally its open from 9h30 to 20h with fall times closing by 18h. You have a mini Europe at night each Saturday in summer from 9h30 to 00h with fireworks by 22h30

It is at the Bruparck complex of sights, webpage additional is here

it will huge to tell you about each minituare of each country in the park, suffice to say ,all are represented here. The selection is done by a team of historian and art experts that goes thru millions of photos and models from 55 shops and 9 countries to built the minituare models. It is a love affairs work, for example they tell that to built the Cathedral of ST James in Santiago de Compostela ,Spain it took 24 000 hours or the work of one person in 13 yrs!!!

magical place to visit indeed. !the how to get there is as follows :  from midi brussels train station near Grand Place take metro 6 stop at Heysel, and follow bruparck signs to park. You can, also,  reach there on tram 7 and 51 as well.  In addition, metro line 1 at De Brouckére (near Grand Place) to Beekkant and connect with line 6 there to Heysel.

The official webpage is at

Enjoy some pictures which I already need to buy more space lol!!!

 Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels  Brussels




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