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December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noêl, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The season to be merrier and wish you I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas to all my readers, and quiet family who read my blog. So I forgot in Breton its said, Nedeleg Laouen .

I seach town for some goodies, and went to pick up the food. This year, we continue with the real northern pine tree but we change this time and ordered the entire meal from aperitif , main dishes to desserts out.

We have a nice traiteur in town and we splurge for the best of France, couple with my matching Bordeaux wine and the muscat de rivesaltes ,muscat de Noêl white with 2010 Lalande Borie of St Julien, Médoc and Patache d’Aux médoc also of 2009. Aperitifs or aperos were various rum, vodka, whisky, and assorted liquiors as well as creme de cassis with amuse bûche galore from meats to salmon to sausages.

Now I am told the duck glazed is almost done for the main meal so I must go or I will get in trouble with the kitchen gang….oh yes the duck à l’orange stuffed with foie gras ,yummy, then a tray of five cheeses from brie de Meaux (of course), to goat cheese in ashes from St Maur de Touraine and Poitou without ashes, Cantal, and Brebis cheese from the Pyrénees, ,and we end up with bûche de Noêl pistachio with framboises one and the other a pears glazé with mousse of pears wow, follow by expresso coffee and more chatting now until midnight.

Another Christmas eve is done with,and the gifts are all waiting under the Christmas tree for tomorrow morning. Then we will pack up and be ready to go to Belgium on the 26th, we will be back in time to spend the New Year at home with more goodies to tell then and Belgium by car is always sublime.

Cheers y’all and again have a wonderful Merrry Merry Christmas. Meilleurs Voeux!!!


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