Some news from Bretagne XI

Rainy grey and windy day again, but we are by now like the Bretons, we go out no matter what,and make the best of it. This is the season to be merry anyway.Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noêl, Feliz Navidad,and Feliz Natal to all my friends, readers,and family.

We venture out anyway, and we got compensated as the rain stopped.  We went straight to our favorite store Armand Thiery in Vannes, this is a store that has excellent casual and business attire for mens and next to it is Toscane, their women division with the same concept. The service is always friendly and helpful. The clothing are the latest hit on the market taken from the great designers and then do in their own name as AT, Toscane,Studio, Executive and L’Uomo (men in italian) . The store is at parc de Kerlann  Rue Théophraste Renaudot, where all my favorite stores are. webpage here

We went over to our electronics favorite and one of the standard bearer in France, that is FNAC; here you can buy anything you fancy in music, movies,videos, videogames,books,telephone,TV,computer,the works, the service is always friendly as today my son was searching for some retractable headphones and he got two employees coming over to help him decide with all information on them; he chose JVC model. The store is at the parc de Kerlann, rue Théophraste Renaudot as well with webpage see info pratiques ,

The gang continue its devastating punch and papa paying like a zombie to go over to Le Grande Récré, this is a toys, games, children plays store, as the search for Lego games was on!!! It has to be a specific game none other allowed, so here we found one, yuppiiee! but they other was not available. The store is at the same area and really within meters of each other on the same street, Rue Théophraste Renaudot . You have two floors of toys here and its rare not to find one unless its Christmas season lol! webpage

Not to be outdone, we continue about 50 meters over to the other toys,games, children plays store Joue Club, here is two floors of toys too, and they have found many things here such as beyblades, now the other Lego was found hooray!!! all happy now and papa keeps paying do:oh…… The webpage is at

As we were close to the big hypermarché Carrefour, just about 300 meters ,we decide to finish with some groceries;;; this is a commercial shopping center anchor by Carrefour but with 55 other stores too, and the area outside is full of a shopping paradise on foot. The main address given for them is le fourchêne, route d’Auray; however, we always go in on the roundabout circle coming out from Rue Théophraste Renaudot into the parking lot first floor. At Carrefour, you can get groceries and the whole works for the house, its a hypermarché or hypermarket, open until 21h ; the webpage is at

For the other 55 stores there you can see the lineup here at Galerie commercial Carrefour, there is even an SNCF train boutique inside to purchase your train tickets, bakeries, chocolate stores, micromania videogames, mens and womens clothing and shoes, a brasserie and cafeteria casino. parking is free on two levels; and they are open until 20h.

Then it was time to be hungry with the car full of goodies, and no rain; so we headed back to the free parking we had by the city hall building or hotel de ville, as we had eaten there before, but this time we try a new one that we saw very quaintly lit, this is the La Crémaillére, 6 rue Lesage, Vannes. Its a pizzeria,créperie resto right behind the hotel de ville. The place is completely done in wood from floors to ceilings and counters, tables just like an old world tavern. Excellent service as even the owner came out to greet us. We had four 50ml (big) heineken beers, a panache , pizzas Vesuvio with merguez sausages and chorizos, paysanne with potatoes ,eggs, cream, and bacon, then a savoyarde with cheese raclette , ham,potatoes, galettes bolognaise with shredded beef, cafe gourmand with sweets in small pots, banana split,peche melba, chocolate liégeois, biguine (mango and passion fruit ice creams), all for five was 103.55€ with big portions and delicious; we will be back. The resto has no webpage, telephone contact is +33 (0) 2 97 47 09 66 .

Now we are all set for Christmas, and just after it, we are heading for Brussels for the rest of the year lol!!! moules frites et biéres la vie est belle ::) Cheers


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