A trip to Portugal, Lisbon and the countryside of Bairrada

I just had a short trip to Portugal , really it needs more time, and every time in the past several years I have been for short trips, and this year ended on the same. Really it needs more time.

The folks are friendly, the sights are gorgeous ,and the prices are good. I went on a twirling trip as usual from Nantes by AF, to Paris Orly West, wow its been a while there but it has change a lot from the 1990’s when i used to use it. Then flew on Vueling to Lisbon, drove with friends to Bairrada region small town near Porto, then flew from Porto on TAP to Orly and then AF back home. IN the course, help a friend who lost his flight due to weather (foggy kind) change to Nantes so I drove him off to Lorient small airport to get his car. In all arrive home today at 1h30 yes that is 1:30 am lol!!!

The airports de paris has a website to know all entertaining stuff webpage www.paris-lifestyle.fr  and of course the official airport site is http://www.aeroportsdeparis.fr

I had lunch at the L’Astrolabe, a fast food serve on the tables, good service, airport food, and prices.

Once arriving at Lisbon, all came back,been there before, it was a breeze. This is the official site ANA, for the airports there, http://www.ana.pt/en-US/Aeroportos/lisboa/Lisboa/Pages/HomeLisboa.aspx A taxi was waiting for me to take me to the hotel, Radisson Blu Ave Marechal Craveiro Lopes,390<; This was a nice modern hotel, and near the main expressway out to and from the city. http://www.radissonblu.com/hotel-lisbon  service here was tops.

I went down to the Malhoas bar,and watch the football/soccer games from Spain and France they were showing!!! heavens!!! The resto was very nice as Bordalo Pinheiro, very good service ,and prices, and the food was delicious. The taxi from there to the center of the city cost less than 10€ so very convenience as well as from to airport.

From there we went by car to a small town near Porto. The ride took about 1h10 and I was put in a nice hotel Curia Palace; webpage http://www.almeidahotels.com/nm_quemsomos.php?id=18&menu1=6  There was grand, belle epoque style with almost empty hotel and full restaurant just for me.

It was turn to come back  to France, and again very short. I will be back ………………………………………………………………………….

Lisbon Paris PAris Porto porto porto porto porto

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2 Comments to “A trip to Portugal, Lisbon and the countryside of Bairrada”

  1. Portugal is a beautiful country, especially in the small towns with people who are friendly and food from the “old-world.” I suggest Evora for a base for exploration. Amazing little city with a great deal of history and charm.


    • Yes Indeed ,nice city,thanks for commenting. You are right, I know it well my oldest son godfather is from Faro in the south and we go often. Just now getting around to put in the blog.cheers


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