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December 9, 2012

Traveling in the Morbihan, La Gacilly and Guer.

Here I am again with my travels in France and beyond, this time its close to home about 60 kms from my house in my department of Morbihan (breton for small sea or French petite mer) , breton Mor =sea bihan=small. Just for the language lesson to start.

My other half been telling me about La Gacilly because it is the headquarters of a popular French cosmetics perfumes brand call Yves Rocher. This was a grey cool day and the main places were close,but as we are constant travelers we will touch base with a place feel the warms and if warranted we are back there again for in depth visits.

First, we headed for La Gacilly. You have here the beforementined Yves Rocher labs, the site of the Festival International de la photographie (photo festival), as well as a large section of métiers d’arts or artist districts of many professions. Their houses are done with stone call pierre bleue de la Gacilly or blue stone of La Gacilly, with a presbyteerian church from the 17C, and old library from the 19C(that was the old mayor’s office), and many pisturesques streets along rue St Vincent and rue la fayette with woodend houses. The tourist office webpage  where you will find an English lady resident of 12 years in the area who can welcome you of course in English.

La Gacilly has the river Aff, passing thru city center and a great place to do kayak/canoe which enthusiasts were doing even in the cold weather as well as a nice rental boats small marina to let you ride on the river.  This is their blog for these activities there  this one you can rent from the nearby Saint Vincent sur Oust or from La Gacilly, For the rental of boats right there by the bridge you can use these folks  and see my photos .

The church under renovation is from the 17C of neo greek style sitting right just outside the inner core of the city by the covered market on rue Antoine Monteil. Right in front of it, there is a monument to the fallen of WWI,and across it is the Halles or covered market with fruits,veggies, meats, fish etc and a nice Brasserie des Halles resto next to it which we did not try this time but looks good.

The Festival of photography is held from june to september and need to check the dates at official site here The mediathéque or library dating from the 17C in what it was before the city hall or mayor’s office is a nice tree crawl building, by Place du général de Gaulle.

The arts of artists display is very rich as what is the Métiers d’Art and La Passarelle down steps down streets of quaint blue stone construction, the many are listed in the tourist office site ,the Passarelle is by the bridge over the river Aff, and is call in French Le bout du pont, the unique webpage is here

Yves Rocher has an entire complex over the same bridge where there is a unique big store with all the gamme of products, the vegetarium cafe, atelier de cosmetique or cosmetics shop, a jardin botanique or botanical garden, hotel with spa La Grée des Landes, wepbage unique  This is yves rocher main site in French with the hq store info

Several nice merchants such as MK wine cellars, at rue Montauban, wine, cheese and local products at au terroir saint sauveur, by the bridge the family favorite store for Breton cookies, and deco La Trinitaine ,by the bridge Le bout du Pont,

and of course, we did stop for food here, and we choose the Créperie Mouchoir du Poche 7, rue lafayette (literally the pocket hankerchief), named as one of the cultural representation of the art in Bretagne, créperie gourmande and qualité tourisme. Off season closed Mondays and Wednesdays (like now) July and August open every day from 12h to 18h , and then from  19h to 22h, open Sundays afternoon all year. no web but the tourist office mentioned it . we made the right choice  we had galette sindar with filet mignon, potatoes, and salad ,an apero of druite, cider, pommeau eau de vie with calvado, and blackcurrant or creme de cassis, coffee, a bottle of kerizan cider, banana splits and similar menus for the rest of the family for 99€ for five persons.

After this we move on to the nearby town of Guer, the official tourist office here webpage is

Here we just touch base walking the town, so I list the ones not seen first, there is interesting things to see in detail as the nearby at Monteneuf village the right stand stones, or  mégalithique des Pierres Droites, Prieuré St Etienne, the oldest in the Morbihan (no time to see today but we will be back as I told you…)  near village of Bellevue the museum or Musée du Souvenir des Ecoles de St-Cyr Coëtquidan ,this one of the oldest military acadamies in France, and here it is house the cavalry of old, and the museum trace the military history of these schools in the conflicts of France throughtout its history,, and the  Château de La Ville-Huë,

What we did do is walk the quaint streets of Guer, pl de la gare, the pl de l’hippodrome with its nice horse race track, and the wonderful church of St Gurval, there was a church here since the 9C when it was mentioned of the arrival of St Gurval as ermite in the 7C give its name. The actual church is built from 1807 to 1847,in the form of a Latin cross, with new renovations done in 1870. It is a wonderful church, and when we came in, there were practicing on the organ with beautiful singing voices, should be a nice spectacle. The official site of the church is here and for nice pictures in addition to mine the Morbihan tourist office has them here

Definitively I live in an area that has a huge amount of sites to visit (not to say all of France lol!) as I tell my reader and those that partake with me in travel sites, it will take a lifetime to see it all and maybe even that not enough time. This is France a movable feast indeed.  Now, I wont leave without telling you how to get to these cities, well here the car is king (just like in the USA::)) and we do use it a lot. However,from to Guer  there is a bus connection one from Rennes and the other from Pontivy , they leave you about 2 kms from city center that you can walk to Guer or take a taxi. Taxi Lemaux au 02 97 22 16 66. The bus schedules are here in pdf files and  for further info the bus company that handles these runs is here

For la Gacilly its a bit more complicated, not that for Guer isn’t it, here the bus you can contract out is Linevia,  or you can take the train TER from Vannes to stop Redon, and then take the bus line 12 to la Gacilly, takes about an hours time. The site in Brittany for public transport help is here

Enjoy Brittany its lovely indeed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Joyeux Noêl et Bonne Année.

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