Christmas and New Year in France

This is a wonderful period anywhere we are. Mine for the last 10 years have been held in the Paris/Versailles region with exception years in Madrid, Trier(Germany), and now Auray in the morbihan breton. I figure will give a list of my favorites over the years using the sites I recommend below on my blog, sites that I have use and participate as well over the years.

The Christmas dinner or the menu de Noêl is a wonderful family dinner that many can recreate in many restaurant all over France just with a special menu for the occassion.  Here we eat oysters, salmon, rooster, leg of ham, roast pork as the main dish, depending on the region; with the famous Bûche de Noêl dessert , or Christmas yule log as best translation can find in English.

Some of the places to be part of it publicly in Paris are

Les Ombres, 27 Quai  Branly (inside the musée  Branly)

Sans Gênes Batignolles,  112 rue Legendre, 17éme

Chez Françoise, Esplanade des Invalides  Aérogare Air France, Rue Robert Esnault-Pelterie, 75007,

Cuba Compagnie Cafe,48 blvd Beaumarchais,

Restaurant La Gare,19 Chaussée de la Muette  75016

and many others to many to write them here but Paris at Christmas is sublime.

Then, of course, there is New Years: wow, this is tops, cant match anywhere. The Revéillon at New Morning club is fantastic, 7-9, Rue des Petites Ecuries – 75010,

For a New Year’s meal in addition to those above, I had like the Blue Elephant thai food par excellent in Paris. at 43-45 Rue de la Roquette Paris 11éme with webpage

For a more rockiing New Year you can come to the Le Wagg, 62 Rue Mazarine (St Germain des Prés area of the 75006. This is where the Jim Morrison and Serge Gainsburg came and went and where at least once in your life you should come too. webpage

One of all time favorite that I write in cityvox in French, is the 1979 club (or one thousand nine hundred seventy nine lol!) ; located in the center of Paris between the  Louvre  and the lively district of Etienne Marcel at 49 Rue Berger – 75001,  it will surprise you with the look of a big apartment a la queen  with a dance floor with posters of the 70’s, library seats with tight spaces for been close to the other, nice piano room, and VIP room in pure leather. Here you will hear pop and rock of today and yesterday from the 70’s on today. Webpage

And of course why not talk about my beloved Versailles, where the great ice skating ring will again be there by the Hotel de Ville (this time for the first time without us ;;;) when in school is in, open from November 23 to January 6 2013 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays,and Fridays from 14H to 19H and on wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10h-12h and 14h- 19h. During school vacation it will be open every day from  10h-12h and 14h-20h.

The world famous and very well kept secret of the Osmothéque , perfums of old and forever ,even keeping those of Marie Antoinette will have a program of the History of the perfumery from antiquity to our days.  You will be guided by expert osmothécaires parfumeurs to discover those already gone scents of Houbigant, Coty, Poiret, Guerlain, and others times are  the wednesday December 19 from  14h00 to 16h30 cost is 15€ for adults and only those over 12 years old will be admitted, with younger fees of 10€

There will be many events from chocolate making to theater playing at monpensier, and the town is fully light up for the season, magical indeed. The district or neighborhoods will be the events of Noël aux Carrés Saint-Louis (cathedral St Louis side) Dec  15 and 16 from  10h to 19h,  the merchants will have a real Christmas market or marché de Noël  with oysters, food and entertainement.

– Noël  in the district of  Notre-Dame (the market, collegiale notre dame area, mine lol!!) events at  place Charost , December 15 and 22, musical entertainment outdoors by the rue de la Paroisse on Dec  22 and 24 .  Noël in the district of  Montreuil : music of Noêl by rue de Montreuil with customs dresses and snow man as well as Noêl arriving in carriage on the 22 December.

For the serious side of Christmas it will be a Christmas Mass held at Eglise Notre-Dame (the collegiale) Dec 24 at 18h, 20h, 22h. Dec 25 at  10h30, 18h30. Inside the chateau at the Chapelle Royale, Dec 24 at 22h ,and at the Cathédrale Saint-Louis, Dec 24 at 19h, 22h15  awaiting and mass at  23h, and December 25 at 11h.

Many hotels and restaurant will have special prices during this period, like the Pullman hotel will have pay for two nights and get the third one at 50% ,and the Ibis will have a fix rate of 59€. My favorites restaurants such as Au chien qui fume,  will have a special menu like here at the tourist office of Versailles

In my new area the festivities are less, at Auray , at the historical chapelle St Esprit ,Place du Four Mollet,  they will be a Christmas market or Marché de Noêl , actually the 11th year they hold it. Friday December 14 from  10h -19h, Saturday December 15 and Sunday December 16 from  10h -19h. Many artisans artist will show their work with gourmet ,food,and gifts displays for the season. We will check it out.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 2013 everyone !!!!

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