My travels on the Breton Morbihan….et finistére

After a well deserve rest from my trip to Asia I set out today to see something old and something new of my new home in the Morbihan dept 56. The day was a bit gray, cold and some drizzles of rain on and off, but by now we are adjusted lol!!!

We drove on the D19 into Landaul, landevant, Locoal Mendon, Plounihec, Etel, Saint Cado isle, and Belz. All wonderful places just had been before to Etel the rest were new finds…At the end we rush to our Quimperlé arriving almost 14H and convince the owners of the Créperie du Pont Fleurie to allow us to eat,and it was great as usual.

The créperie du Pont Fleurie is at 5 Rue Ellé  29300 Quimperlé, just behind the roman church of Ste Croix. the webpage for the Finistére dept has info at the bottom of the page in French, . We had quatre fromages, orientale(chorizos), chévre or goat cheese, galette complet ham and cheese ,two, a liter 100 ml of rosé wine, desserts as coupe bretonne 3 (breton whisky and caramel ice cream) banana splits 2, coffee for five persons total was 96.60€

The sights were many chapels and churches of old in those towns, and very nice war memorials. The museum of tuna boats or Musée Thoniers of course was closed but been there and it is nice ,this is in Etel. The webpage is at . Then , we went into the island or isle of Saint Cado. A priest who came from Wales and settled in the area spreading the gospel, well it stuck, with British tourists and all today. The calvary was nice as well as the bridge over the harbor to connect to the isle of St Cado around the nice harbor.

The story of this isle is as short as this, St Cado was a son of a prince of  Glamorgan in Wales, he later was founder and abbey of the grand monastery of  Lancarvan (Llancarfan in Great Britain, region of Cambria), Saint Cado  came to the armorique area (today Brittany) by between the 5C and 7C. He came to find his compatriots chase by the Saxon invasion and lived on the isle in the ria of Etel that today carry his name. He built an oratory, founds a monastery, and dedicates his life to the evangelism of the region. He was at the origin of the construction of the pont road of 100 meters that link the isle to the mainland ,which today you can walk on it.  Only the residents can drive a car in the isle.

The tourist offices for the above towns are to follow, needless to say the best way to move in Brittany and on these small towns especially ,is the car, automobile.


Landaul refer to the one above . Locoal Mendon,

Belz,,11.html , Plouhinec,

Saint Cado isle, from the Brittany tourist office,  .Given info on the other towns as well. A site for the communities of the ria of etel that includes some of the above towns ,

Etel dedicated tourist webpage, all of this in the Morbihan, webpage of tourist office in English at

Not to forget the Quimperlé is in dept Finistére or No 29 here

Happy Sunday everyone, cheers.

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2 Comments to “My travels on the Breton Morbihan….et finistére”

  1. I’m just getting know Morbihan myself = and I love it already. It’s a truly magical place. And as your lovely photos show, its always so quiet!


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