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December 1, 2012

A different trip to Asia

Well this was a different trip not expected but had to do it for work and in the process saw two new countries to my list of 76 now its 78!!!

It was supposed to be a quick trip but it went a bit longer due to the travel distance and the changes of airplanes. I arrive there on Air France to Singapore Chiangi airport , very nice airport. However, a bit plastic it seems I was back in the USA.  I once again saw KFC, Burger King McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Quiznos (try them again) etc there with a hotel Crown Plaza (too expensive at 457 SDollars). The webpage for the airport is at

I instead went out pass immigration to stay at Ibis Hotel Novena, for 268 SDollars; indeed expensive little island you can cross in less than an hour. webpage here  The city rides by taxi were nice, but definitevely needs to have more time to see the tourist areas of Sentosa, the flyer, jewel box,tiger brewery tour etc; pershaps another time. The place does look very clean,and very friendly people.

While at the aiport I needed to try one of my old favorites from the States ,the Quiznos sandwich shop, and it was as usual very good. Its right in T3.

I then move on to Vietnam, after clearing some passport issues and getting the flight change ,took on Vietnam Airlines to Ho Chi Minh City (old Saigon), never in my mind did I imagine visiting here but business does has its turns.  The airport is smaller less plastic, and clean, the people very friendly again. the webpage is at This was a round trip to go back home from Singapore.

Here I stayed at the Grand Silverland Hotel & Spa, on District I, a very nice old world hotel with all amenities and right in the buzzle of the city, close to many attractions that due to the business nature of the trip could not see this time. The webpage for the hotel is at

I had my apero at the Hogs Breath Cafe,  with a nice tiger beer in the terrace outside, with the world passing by, and good friends, the webpage is here  ,we move on for dinner at the colonial very nice and friendly (they serve all for us on the plate) at Qua nhà hàng ngon restaurant, with an array of noodle dishes very hard to remember their names lol!!! webpage

In all a very nice introduction to two new countries, and ones that will keep on my list to return with more time and more surprises. The trip is looong and tiring thus, need to have better timing next time too. Enjoy the weekend everyone ,cheers.


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