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November 30, 2012

Some news from France LXXXVIIII

Well I am back from traveling and just came back from Paris, so here are some interesting things I heard and or read.

€The musée Dapper is showing about the Ashanti people of Ghana until July 7 2013; entitled Design en Afrique, the museum is located at 35bis rue Paul Valéry, webpage

The Fragonard parfums folks are out with its Christmas collection see it at

The wonderful Paris CDG airport has an entire area dedicated to children. The kids unaccompany are pampered to all places.  Air France alone bring over 3M children alone in its planes.  The service cost 50€ to 75€ per traject. On long trips the kids are assembled at terminals S3 and T2E and hall 4 at Orly too!

the jardin d’acclimatation one of my all time favorites is getting a face lift  , getting a change over to integrate the building thought out by Frank Gehry  for the Fondation Louis Vuitton. It will have free Wi Fi, free admission every Fridays from Jan 2013, an area of 3,5 kms for jogging, and next spring it will open to public a fifth of its area so about 4 hectares of terrain. The park is now managed by LVMH ,and they will plant as much as 90 trees and landscaping, fountains and playareas for free

Since I recently came from there, where is the best bo bun of  Paris? this is Vietnamese cuisine at its best, the recipe is  made up of a base of  vermicelle rice, soja, onions, sauté beef, cucumber, sometimes carrots, finely cut salads, lemon, unwrap peanuts coriander, and mint. The dish sometimes is served covered with pieces of nems and a sauce  nuoc-mâm. In Paris, you can try this marvel around the Asian quarters of the district of Belleville, the 13éme, and the little restos elbow to elbow in the 3éme. My favorite places over the years have been, Tricotin, 15 ave de Choisy 13ar, and the Pagondon, 21 rue des Grands Augustins 6ar. The link I write reviews in French for Tricotin, for Pagondon,

And close out with my favorite 10éme from the Canal Saint Martin to Chez Jeannette to the New Morning concert hall for Cuban music,this is tops and real French style.  This is the city mayor’s office on the Canal SM in French, it gives you more, you can translate with many internet sites or google but in French again it provides more,  and take a look of chez jeannette, lovely and the wonderful never old New Morning, Have it your Paris way. Cheers


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