Auray an entry to the gulf de morbihan and the Loch

ok it was hard to find a title to this entry, hard to talk of the place you live, and try to share information that is sometimes useful to visitors and sometimes not, as I always said having lived in four countries ,is that living and visiting are two different sides of life.

Today was rainy grey cool Fall day , and I just wandered about with the family as tomorrow afternoon I leave for Indonesia on a business trip that hopefully will allow me to take some pictures and share that experience with my readers and family.

I took advantage my sons were going to the movies in Vannes so we head out for Auray; the city center is always quaint and nice, today even more as on a rainy day and at lunch time not too many folks on the streets here. The Hotel de Ville building is always imposing at pl de la republique, and the quaint rue du lait,rue du belzic, rue de Barre, and pl Notre Dame as well as the new nook of venelle de trevegat . This was a find always saw this tiny little street off pl de la Republique and its says jardin du jeu de paume, well got in and indeed a very narrow street with beautiful wooden houses in perfect condition inside,and at the end the garden or jardin du jeu du paume,  a nice quiet place to relax and great toilettes lol!!! you discovered something new everyday here ::)

Of course, took another look at the monastery Chartreuse where the remains of the Chouans who fought the French revolution and killed in firing squads without trial are buried. Went over the Auray train station this time sneaking behind on a street that has a country store garden tools etc and took a shot at the back of the station,neat.

We visit many of the usual business shops that I have spoken before and finally we headed to Vannes to pick up my sons and have a lunch/dinner combi at a nice cafeteria at the Leclerc shopping center we have seen and now was the time to try it. Le Vénélis cafeteria grill is very friendly (we had extra portions on the plate at same price ) smiling staff, and great food at wonderful prices. We had boeuf bourguignone, spaghetti meatballs for some, and breast of duck for others, with a bottle of beaujolais nouveau red, bottle water Evian, sodas such as fanta and coca cola , desserts from natural fruits including kiwis, to passion fruit desserts, and coffee expresso for five persons for 88€! cant beat it. The cafeteria is open from 11h30 to 14h15 and 18h30 to 21h every day except Sundays.

We then headed to another shopping at Carrefour Vannes to get some more stuff ::) and enjoy the seasons traffic is picking up and the Christmas decorations are up already. I need to update my photo upload here as already reaching the maximum lol!!! Stick around for more in a weeks time as while away the site will be dormant. I WILL BE BACK…



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