Pleyben the old history !!!

Catching up on my latest trips of last week, I come upon Pleyben in the department of FInistére No 29 in Brittany,France. This is a wonderful town with a huge historical religous enclosure of saintly buildings and heavenly chocolate maker just next to it !!

First ,this is the tourist office for Pleyben,  and a reminder for the dept of FInistére,

I am about 1h20 from there, so the best way for me is by car, taken the free expressway N165, get off on exit Chateaulin/Pleyben after the first roundabout take direction Pleyben on the N164 straight into ave Charles de Gaulle in city center Pleyben, you come upon the Calvaire.  The bus you can look up here, according to the mayor’s office bus no 62 from Quimper ,and line 35 leaving from Chateaulin and line 61 leaving from Brest.

The main and best to see in Brittany ,and a must to visit is the religious calvary ensemble of St Germain l’Auxerrois in city center. It is huge, try to explain it.

The typical religious ensemble is made up of four elements, all associated. The cementary, the church, the calvary,and the ossuary . These are surrounded by a wall in stones with a portal or opening of great dimensions. The construction here dates from the 16C to 17C ,and it was completed in the year 1690 by joining the sacristy to a monumental gate called the gate of the dead or  ” porte de la mort “.  The wall around it the complex signify the separation of the living world from the dead, and serve to stop strays animals  to entered the sacred grounds.

The church or église Saint Germain is a mix of renaissance and gothic architecture. It has two bells with the best that one on the right , it is a renaissance tower crowned by a dome of lanterns. In the interior, the nave is a lambric vault of the 16C with sculpture walls of mythological or sacre personages so about 62 persons and  et 116 keys.  You will find several polychrome statues and it house a Grand Organ from 1688.

The Calvary or Calvaire built in  1555 ,and later displaced in 1738 making up 3 calvaries of the most importants in Finistère , and takes form like an arch of triumphe having about 30 scenes from the life of Christ, sculpture in stone of  Kersanton  ,and place at two levels, its aspect dates from 1743.

The Ossuary is the oldest in Finistère as an independant building of the church, dating from the 16C, it is one of the most impressive and one which the gothic architecture is the most fine and flamboyant.  It is at a place of an older cementary, and served for a long time as a funeral chapel where the bones of the passerbys were deposited as well. Later it was used as a school,and post office, by  1850, the conscripts took their lucky number for the army and the doctors had their vaccination campaigns.  Today, it has a museum.

Finally,the sacristy seen from outside or inside is one of the most beautiful of the ensemble ,and can go back to its construction in the period  1680-1690. It has a quadripode configuration, and the central dome and chapters ionics ressort a real showcase of the new French renaissance  in the parochial ensemble of buildings.

In the main plaza ,you will see a monument to the fallen in front of a church like building, this is the Chapelle de la Congregation,founded by the lords of the  Boissière, probably by the end of the 17C by the confrérie de la Congrégation.  It is ,also, known as the Chapelle Neuve  or new chapel as its recontruction was done in  1889, and its last one was done again in 1994. It is a place today for meetings, gatherings and communions of the catechism Catholic. You will have to walk and I will be back as there are another 6 chapels in town or nearby.

You have a tourist office in town also at the main plaza, Charles de Gaulle.  In all the trip was the highlight of the trip , having a wonderful historical building in front of you and a heavenly chocolate just across the street, wow!!! Enjoy Pleyben and your week end.Cheers!!

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  1. J’aime la France! Beau photos.


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