Plougastel-Daoulas, even the name is good lol!!!

Here I was going on the road and decided that a hotel need not be in city center so why not one just outside the big city of Brest. Well there was Plougastel-Daoulas, nice name indeed and what a find it is. We are even coming back here. First,the tourist office webpage and some more in the mayor’s office webpage

you come here on the N165 and get on exit/sortie  Plougastel ZA de Ti ar Menez on the road D329. or by train to Brest and then bus  line 25 : Plougastel (Kervenal – Brest Place de la Liberté) on Brest bus system

We stay cheaply and convenient off the N165 at the ibis budget hotel (old etap) off the Ti ar Menez artisanal zone and just outside Plougastel-Daoulas. webpage

We had some coffee and sweets at the wonderful bakery boulangerie and patisserie Aux Délices de Plougastel in city center across from the church of Saint Pierre. Which incidentally is another beauty to see.  The church of  Saint-Pierre, dates from the 17C ,it quickly become too small  ,and was destroyed in  1870 , the cementary displaced and all replace by a church of neo gothic style. It was destroyed by WWII  and it was rebuilt as see the belltower done with concrete. However ,some items do remain such as the descend of the Cross and two retables one of Saint-Pierre ,and the other of a Rosary.

You see in front parvis of this church a wonderful statue fountain of the Fontaine de l’Imageur,this is a memory to St James of Compostella and its in memory of the many artists ,painters, and sculptures who did the calvaries, retables etc around here,  and the monument to the fallen in both WWI and WWII as many locals perished in these horrible events.

You have a nice convenient small supermarket in city center by the church, Cocci Market ,very popular here that we take advantage in small towns to buy groceries. , we ,also, went at night and shop at the hypermarché Leclerc off the expressway,

You do come here first for the Calvaire or  Calvary of Plougastel  religious ensemble which is unique of Brittany. This one is one of the best around. It dates from 1602 – 1604 done on a base of yellow granite of Logonna-Daoulas. It has about 180 statues sculpture with kersanton of blue color depicting the scenes of the bible on the life of Christ. Legendary scenes such as those of Katell Kollet, it is one of the 7 grand calvaries of Brittany!!! .  It was built following the peste epidemy of 1598, there is a stairs on the northwest side allowing to go inside where the predicator is illuminated.  There is a story here that  I like to tell here, John Davis SKILTON, was an American Lieutenant that help rebuilt the calvary after WWII. He was part of the office of civil affairs of the US Army that was based at nearby Plabennec,and the war brought him to Plougastel in end August 1944 . He was an Arts adviser back in the USA, and sensitive of the damage caused by the war of this magnificent monument he helps in its restoration.  His first act was to collect all the pieces of Arts of this work, and guard them here. He went on to served at  Vittel,then Germany, where he helps return to France 18  wagons full of art work stolen during the war . Promise to come back and help rebuilt the Calvary,which he did. Go Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, we could not leave again without eating waiting to reach the big city of Brest, so we stop at Bistrot Le Plougastel , 1 place du calvaire, you know where right in the center of town, tel +33 (0)2 98 04 20 07. We had poulet yassa, and fish and chips, and salads, with leffe beers, banana splits, ice cream scoops, and coffee all for 128€ for five.  The chef is such a nice guy, he came out to meet us, discussed with us the recipe of chicken yassa, using peppers slightly hot that he brings from Senegal, and even pour one more leg to my kids on the plate at no additional charge wow!! We were so astound, we book my twins birthday next weekend there again lol!!! Of course, you must come here!

Finally pay a visit to the musée de la Fraise or museum of the Strawberry,here they are wonderful in comes in any shape of jar or item of food, we love them. It was in the 18C that  Amédée François Frézier brought from Chile a new variety of strawberries bigger than the local ones.  The market increase first with Brest by 1854, and the with the English. And then the world knows about them. Here is the museum webpage in French  admissions is 5€ adults and dates/hours are from February 15 to May 31 and from September 17 to end December 2012 ,and on Wednesdays to Fridays from  14h – 17h30, Sundays from 14h – 17h30. From June 1 to July 14 and from August 20 to September 16 2012 , open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 10h- 12h30 and  14h – 18h, Sundays from  14h – 18h. From July 15 to August 19 open from Mondays to Fridays from  10h – 19h, Sundays from 14h – 19h.

Its a great place and one it seems we will be back often in Brittany, this one in department Finistére No 29. Enjoy the visit, cheers !!

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