The other Finistére, small quaint nice towns.

We have so many towns all unique and many beautiful that will take many posts to write about them so I will combine some here done on my last forays into deep Brittany. I went to the department of Finistére or no 29, and visited towns such as Le Faou,la Roche Maurice, Morgat, and Crozon that I like to give a general overview here.

These are the webpages on them:

Le Faou,

La Roche Maurice,



and the tourist office for the department of Finistére is at

I first came into Le Faou, a nice small town with an imposing church of Saint Sauveur going way back, then continue to Morgat with a beautiful beach front and nice homes, ended at Crozon a harbor marina and great city center, and then went over inland to La Roche Maurice with its old ruined castle and the magnificent church of Saint Yves as well as a nice market where we shopped.

Le Faou, church of Saint Sauveur, The church was founded by the Hospitaliers de Saint-Jean de Jérusalem ,and was  rebuilt in 1544 and again in 1680,when a belltower was added renaissance style  facing the port. the nave was built with a double transept, the clock was raised  in 1629, the porch has the dates of 1593 and 1613 and preserve the wooden  statues of 12 apostles. the main altar and two confessions chamber are from the  17C and the baptismal urn has serpents unique to Brittany for the richness of  its sculptures. Several statues decorates the church including those of  Notre-Dame de Pitié, two Virgin Mary, saint Herbot, saint Yves, saint Éloi,  sainte Barbe, etc.. A typical church here very rich and beautiful.

La Roche Maurice, the castle, ruins castle of the old times, still looking over the cliffs below at La Roche Maurice.Finistere dep 29 Some events to translate the French site preceded by an old mount from the 11C, the name place in Breton is Roch Morvan and was the property of the viscounts of Faou, vassals to the count of Cornouaille,until 1160, from which date it passes tot he family of the viscounts of Léon. In 1180, Hervé I de Léon builts the current donjon or tower. many goes after Hervé I de Léon, until it passes without heritage descendant to his sister Jeanne de Léon, wife of Jean Ier de Rohan, that gives the Roch Morvan to the family of the Rohan.

For the defense of the area the viscount of Rohan gives in 1391,the guard of the castle to Alain de Rohan to Hervé Goello and Guéhomar Manfuric . In 1485 while been in prison here by François II , Jean II de Rohan pledges allegiance to the Duke and get his properties back. In 1487,the viscount turns against the king of France Charles VIII, and again loses his properties. It is with a French army that Jean II reconquer his titles lands in 1489. from the war of 1491, Charles VII authorise the viscount of Rohan to fix his property, but the castle is in bad condition. In 1678, the castle only serves as a prison, after 1789, the castle is used to extract stones. In 1926 an underground discovered cause a treasure hunt and shortly after the castle is name a national protected monument.

you can climb to the top. GLorious views over the valleys. contact info to reach it

The church of Saint Yves ,Beautiful church, the actual one is a replacement of a chapel from the 14C dedicated to Saint-Yves . It was built in the 16C , the Rohan gives free land and subsidy to rebuilt over half a century. The stained glass dates from 1589;the south portal from 1550, the bells hight of 60 meters, are from 1589. The stained glass represent 21 scenes from the passion of Christ. The armories were scratch during the French revolution and repaired in 1870. Redone in 1937, it was taken down and pillages by the nazis in 1942. It was dismantle in July of 1950 after it was kept in storage at Valy-Névez. It is flanked on the left by the statue of Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours and on the right by the polychrome of Saint-Yves between the rich and poor. THe robe is one of the most beautiful of Brittany ,done in 1570-1580, in sculpture polychrome oak.

Crozon, the church of St Pierre, another marble of a church in Brittany ,this one in Finistere and at the peninsula or presqu’ile de Crozon
beautiful retable and very high bellttower even seen from the sea to guide seaman into town. wonderful beauty, see it to believe, and come on over.

Lovely ride, enjoy the tour, and cheers.

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