How about Daoulas and Landerneau lol!!

Two more beauties visited, Daoulas has a wonderful abbey and Landerneau well its one kind of town I like. Off the expressway N165 you get off at Daoulas and take the D770 to Landerneau, easy by car. You can ,also, come by bus from Brest on the Le Faou-Landerneau line. Thats line 32 here

The tourist office of Daoulas, is found better at the mayor’s link here

For Landerneau, , and again the tourist office

Daoulas has a magnificent abbey, Old monastery done by the 12C, at the French revolution the canons of the order  of Saint Augustin, the abbey still shows great architecture of its old beauty. A  cloister from the 12C unique example of it in Brittany , a fountain, an oratory  from the 16C and a conventionalhouse from the 18C

An exceptional garden  with medical plants inspired by the monastic gardens of the 14C grouping about  250 species of condiments, theraupeutics, aromatics, exotics even magical  plants. In addition to 5 hectares of discovery gardens with small pond , water  washing machines of old, and sheeps from the region of the island of  Ouessant. Its a magical place, admission is 7€

Once in Landerneau , you are in another pleasant country town full of wonderful buildings like the church Saint Hourdon, church of Saint Thomas, and canals passing rivers in city center and a wonderful city center shopping area.  The church of Saint Hourdon, built in Kersanton stones, the porch serve as model for others done nearby. It conserves it cupola tower from the renaissance. The porch on the right dates from 1604. The church was originally built along the river Elorn on what is now the supermarket Shopi, and was done between 1858 and 1860. It was change and enlarge  keeping some like the bells from 1589.

The church of Saint Thomas, of Cantorbery was done in the 16C replacing a primitive church from the 13C. The tower was done in  1607, it was pose and raise in  1849.  It was the site of many confreries of the old regime or ancien régime, ^keeping inside many statues including one of the Virgen mother sitting and of  sainte Anne with the virgen and the enfant Jesus.  An ossuary dedicated to saint Cadou, raise in front of the church dating from 1635.

You have a beautiful canal area by river Elorn and wonderful city center full of shops and restos.  Its really a unbelievable amount of gorgeous towns to visit, and I am just beginning to look around, so be forewarned of the wonders to come on this blog. Cheers, and enjoy the photos.




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