Some news from France LXXXVII

Let’s get it rolling, another wonderful escape to Paris, am I lucky? It seems the city nevers gets away from me and that’s fine too.

It was a long journey by TGV train from Auray stopping by Vannes, Redon, and Rennes before reaching Paris Montparnasse. Going was ok, taken the Metro to reach Levallois Perret for my business meeting was OK; the problem was coming back in the evening.

Metro was stop underground scary don’t like that, electric problems, on line 3, then arrive late for my TGV and luckily same rate so they just exchange for free but but, the next train was two hours later lol!!! So kill time at the gare is not fun, venturing out was fun a bit, and then the TGV was late,and slow down en route so I was supposed to reach home by 20h30 instead arrive at 23h30!! those are trains for you. BY car it would have been better lol!!!

I had the chance to visit my old office at rue depart, and then venture out a bit, and saw some of lovely Paris getting ready for Christmas season, by the way the lights are out at champs-elysées, must see. Went on for my business meeting alright with a nice lunch at classic French resto Chartier, classic was the St Jacques with wild rice, and the saucison de Lyon with red wine from the Côte Roannaise and coffee. Nice. One for the future reference, very well served and great food, in a nice elegant old world ambiance. This is at Levallois Perret ,dep 92 Hauts de Seine.

Now some of the latest from my pickup fresh air in Paris with a bit of pollution to balance your diet ::)

The Vélib bikes is in for sure with 23 801 bikes per day in 1 742 stations, however, complaints are falling in as there is a shortages of 5500 bikes as promised and the verification system is lacking so now the city will put an audit to find out.  No panic this is just to have some quality measurements in place to monitor quality of service.

Great even at Domaine de Chantilly (castle)  7, rue du Connétable, 60500 Chantilly. Tél. +33  (0) 3 44 27 31 80. open every day except Tuesdays from 10h30 to 17h.  Last until January 7 2013. Entitled «Delacroix et l’aube de l’orientalisme»,shows the affection of the Duke d’Amale for the Oriental culture , 22 paintings and designs retracing the history of orientalism, the expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte, the beginning of Romanticism, showcasing the artists  and travelers of the military oriental world. webpageénements-à-laffiche/delacroix-et-l’aube-de-l’orientalisme

Something new just very near Paris, Marks & Spencer has another store at the end of metro line 3 station Louise-Michel to find your  cheddar, sandwichs poulet tikka masala and others  poulet korma. The new store has  7 000 m² !!! open in the new commercial shopping center of So Ouest ,  31, rue d’Alsace, 92300 Levallois-Perret. Also,  RER C Pereire or the train sncf  line L, Clichy-Levallois. webpage of center and webpage of the store which does not even have the new one in it yet, first news from me lol!!!

Have some fantastic seafood at Le Garnier,111, rue Saint Lazare ,you may be wondering this is an old place Mallards nownew name and same good seafood, excellent dish like this one  cabillaud doré au beurre entouré de petits cèpes bouchons. Something like young codfish golden butter roast with small mushrooms buttons. email reservations here  part of the group Menut webpage

And the magnificent favorite of mine for years,  Café Prunier, 15, place de la Madeleine,. open every day except Sundays. Formule: at 35 €, menus at 40 € and 99 € (all caviar). Carte:between  60-70 €.webpage

up my alley, a new restaurant South African style , Restaurant Cap, 42, boulevard Pereire,. Tél.:+33  (0) 1 44 40 04 15. For lunch open every day except Saturdays, Sundays,and Mondays. For dîner,from Wednesdays to Saturdays  Métro: Wagram. webpage see more at bottom of my blog for the site,

And I left you with a nice parc Saint Cloud in dept 92 Saint Cloud easy at end of line 10 metro de Paris, seee it all here in French, a breath of fresh in the outer lungs of Paris.

Enjoy my belle France. Cheers!!!


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