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November 5, 2012

Camaret sur Mer and the Crozon peninsula wow!!!

This is gorgeous country deep into the Finistére dep 29 and right at the end corner of the presqu’ile de Crozon lies Camaret sur Mer and it is on the sea alright.

The tourist office for the department is at and the place has a wonderful tourist site here

We drove all the way on the D791 and D887 from the expressway N165 very easy with good paneling signs.  Here you see the wonderful cliffs at the different points such as pointe de pen hir, and the wonderful heritage of the city.

You must visit the church of eglise Notre Dame de Rocamadour, and the tour Vauban across the pleasure boat harbor. Difficult to write about this beautiful area with poor me. I hope someone will come and do a wonderful prose with gorgeous photos of this area, it really merits more.

the chapel church of Notre Dame de Rocamadour was built between 1610 and 1683 with yellow stones of  Logonna. We can see inscriptions that tell us that a previous chapel was built in 1527.  Older documents tells us a chapel was done in 1373 ,and even back to 1183 ,date in which the chapel in honor of  Notre Dame de Rocamadour was built.  Each first Sunday of September a procession takes place to honor the pardon of  Notre Dame de Rocamadour.

The tour de Vauban was done on premises of king Louis XIV to fortified the peninsula from English attacks.  The project was given to Vauban in 1689 and worked started in 1693 , and finished in  1696.  The 11 canons done made crossing fire with those of the pointe du Gouin, of lines of contention with those at Quélern ,and other coastal batteries. The tour Vauban was in effect done to protect the harbor of  Camaret and the access to Brest.

You also, come to see the alignments or megaliths stones of the area of LAGATJAR;  it had about 600 stones in 1776 from about 2500 BC, and were reduce to 80 today similar to those at Carnac . In 1883 they were declare national monument for its protection.

One of the most beautiful scenary seen by me here so far can be done from the Pointe de Pen Hir, extending at sea by the Tas de Pois. From this point we can see the Pointe du Raz to the Pointe Saint Mathieu , and on nice clear days we can see the islands of Sein, Ouessant and Molène. It is here that at liberation day from WWII, a huge hill was chosen to built a cross of  Lorraine in granite dedicated to the Bretons who fought for a Free France.  The Général De Gaulle came here to open the tower on July 15 , 1951. This was part of the atlantic wall of WWII and those who fought it are well remembered here.

You can had beautiful unique beaches such as Pen Had, between the pointe du Toulinguet and the cliffs of  Pen-Hir, with beautiful dunes and a gorgeous panorama. At high tide, you have a superb view of the rock of du Lion that looks like a giant fake bat. The beach is great for the leisure beachgoer and sun baths ,however a strange sea effect has led authorities to prohibit the swimming, and taken over by the surfers.

In addition, it has a nice artist quarter with many living and doing their work here, and a beautiful pleasure boat marina with a nice littoral of restos and shops. In all a wonderful find, and one to come back in detail and spent days here leisurely lazy, and relax the beautiful magnificent surrounding. Some photos to share with the world.Cheers

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