Brest,the city harbor of the Finistére.

On my last weekend holiday of Toussaints I decided to go deep into Brittany and visit Brest, and as time became expandable I continue to visit some nearby towns such as Plougastel-Daoulas, Daoulas,la Roche Maurice,  Landenereau, Le Faou, Crozon, Camaret sur Mer, Morgat, Pleyben and just ride around.

The tourist office for the deparment 29 of Finistére is , and that of the region of Brittany is

We stay as a family in an inexpensive ibis hotel outside the city as we had a car, it was easy in and out, in fact, we love the car ::)  The rate  was  great at 35€ per night, and as we were only there for shower and sleep kept the price right for five!!

Our first attack was to visit Oceanopolis ,the great seaquarium of Brest, It was big, not so great on tanks etc,but very good in educational experience and information loaded on the oceans, the rades or river entry to Brest and the seafood of the world and Brittany. For families is great, there is discount if shows student cards ,for five we paid 70,90€. The place is divided into areas such as Polaire, Tropical, and Tempéré with exhibition on the abyss of the oceans, the fish fossils of deep oceans,and display on old fishing houses and living of old. The webpage is

One thing we always do is to come early and there was hardly anybody until about 10H30 when the crowds came and we already seen the best and most. We decided to go out and eat, as inside its cafeteria style, nice and good prices like steaks for 8€, but we knew of a resto in our near Vannes that had a branch near by so we went for it , its A l’Aise Breizh Café at the port moulin blanc by the port de plaisance or pleasure boats marina just right as you get out of oceanopolis. webpage great as always here, great burgers, desserts like banana splits, bottle of rose de provence Real,and coffees for 127€ for five.

The next day we finally venture into Brest, to the castle and the musée de la marine, inside the castle. done by Vauban in the 17C, you entered by the tour Madeleine. The structure is of a fortress , however, the most interesting part is the musée de la marine or marine museum inside.For 5,50€ and we needed to come back as at this time of the year it opened in the afternoons, from 13h30 to 18H, you see the whole history of marine life,boaters, and seamans in a wonderful setting inside the castle. webpage here

Not far from here you have the tour Tanguy and the pont de Recouvrance, with excellent views and tramways transportation all over, but we did walk as we like to see the city up front and personal. We stop by the musée des Beaux-Arts but did not go in,webpage here for information, . We did walk a lot all over the city, and went shopping at Espace Jaurés with FNAC store of course, cant forget those video games…lol! webpage

We were impresse by the bridge going to Brest over the rade the pont de l’Iroise. Great masterpiece of architecture. We did see the monument to Americans in rememberance for the world wars help to France. IN all its a pleasant city for a day including the oceanopolis. We found it too small for us so we needed to venture out, and that is for more posts ::) The tourist office for Brest is at ave Georges clemenceau at the end of pl de la liberté, and webpage here It has a good train station on TGV service and bus system as well as tramways. You can read about the train station or gare here from the SNCF folks,  and for the latter bus and tramway the service is Bibus webpage here

Of course we ate in Brest, and we choose something typical marine , trés british and full of youngs from the naval base there which by the way we had no time but you can tour it too. webpage

So we ate at Au Bureau, 10 rue de Siam at webpage  where the juicy burgers, the fish and chip and the camembert roti with desserts from coupe giante of 6 scoops of ice cream to banana split, with plenty of leffe blonde beers was for 122€ for five.

Enjoy Brest. Cheers!

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