Some news from Bretagne X

Well winter is here or is it autumn? Really can’t tell the difference. We have the temps go down to 4C and during the day went up to 12C then down to 8C now, and tomorrow it’s expected to go down to 1C in the morning. So ho ho ho winter is here.

Nevertheless, life goes on ,and having nothing to do and awaiting for my next weekend All Saint’s Day mini vacation, decided to take a stroll out with the fam.

We hit the stores!!!! shopping for furniture for 3 young men is not easy , or is it hard to do at all? At the end ,nothing was purchase and the decision is pending for Monday evening. Then ,we went for lunch or rather late lunch and after walking around deciding where to go too ….lol! passing A la Breizh Cafe and Patty O’Dowds Irish pub, we headed for Le CatWay our favorite at the pl Gambetta, Le Port area of the pleasure marina, Vannes. webpages to follow in order, : : catway no web but is at 3 pl Gambetta, tel +33    (0) 2 97 47 25 50 .

I took advantage of some wine buying as there is a foire or sale going on, so obligatory stop at Nicolas, pl du poids public in Vannes. Oh did I said went shopping for furniture, yes BUT is one of the stores we went. And ,check out La Foir Fouille for misc housing stuff, very good prices and handy items there always ,also, in Vannes. webpages to follow; , ,

We end the day by having a glass at the Irish Pub just opening time lol!!! before heading out to do our groceries at a new place we haven’t try , Intermarché supermarket in Vannes . Well the prices are pretty much the same all over, and we still like best Leclerc at Vannes. Finally we came home loaded and waiting for the night’s TV lineup before getting ready for our next week and winter, yes ,cold is not our thing . webpage

So ,here it is a bit more of my new area ,and you all have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.


2 Comments to “Some news from Bretagne X”

  1. Pedro amigo querido..dentro horas estare en nuestra ciudad de San cristobal de la habana! Casi seguro estare en Kirberen por fin de ano..disfrutalos dias de feria Toussaint, dia de Los muertos. Hasta pronto..yehuda. Ahora tiene so Bretagne en comun..abraxos, yehuda


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