Train travel to the Paris region….from Brittany.

This past weekend did something different, as always France is different. Even in public transportation ,its a a nightmare, sure it is easy , let me explain.

All folks visiting here love to take them; I guess for the souvenir, the locals have no choice due to the high cost of going by car and parking in the Paris region, and I have try them all. Still for me the car is king/queen. I once again try the trains to take my father to Roissy CDG from our home in Auray, Morbihan, Brittany.

As it was a weekend, the trains were far and fewer than on weekdays, so the best connection was to start from Auray train station at 14h33 on a TER Bretagne train service to Rennes, passing by Vannes, Questermbert, and Redon. At Rennes we change train to a TGV direction Marseille lol!!! we stop at MassyPalaiseau while passing, Laval, Le Mans, then at Massey TGV station took another TGV train direction Brussels!!! passing by Marne-la-Vallée Chessy (Disneyland) and finally stopping at Roissy CDG T2 SNCF station. Arrival time 21h15 !!!! with a 25 minutes delay at Massy.

The TER  , the TGV

We stay at the IBIS CDG at Roissypole on T3, which I have been before and was very nice location hotel, easy in and out for our departure the next day. The hotel was expensive at 112€ for a tyny room hardly space to shower , this has to be the smallest room I have stayed in ever in France. The food was overprice at the Sud et Cie restaurant but good service and good food of burger ibis and bucher cut of beef with grimbergen beers, and coffee for 97€ for two. The hotel is airy,new, modern, very loaded with amenities and very central to the terminals and the CDGVAL airport inter terminal train service. So on a must stay, its ok otherwise avoid. webpage

The system CDGVAL is nice, fast ,clean, and convenient way to go between terminals at Roissy CDG and not too many tourists use it.  It goes in 8 minutes from one terminal to the other and its true.

We were supposed to fly Delta or rather my father was, on terminal 2E, this was change when we got there to terminal 2F, so no big deal across the street. The gate for him to leave was L34, but by the time he went in thru security it has been change to L53. It must be Delta but….

Finally I came back to the TGV station to get my return trip home. From Roissy CDG SNCF train station took a TGV train to Rennes, passing Marne-la-Vallée Chessy (Disneyland) then Le Mans to finally reach Rennes with 1h30 time to spare before taking my next TGV train to Auray. Left at 12h48 and arrive at gare d’Auray at 18h33. Long days, the car is better I tell you.

The only good thing about it is that it allow me to visit the area of the train station in Rennes, I have been here before on work assignment,and passed by it many times always thinking of stopping by,but never did. Then, this time gave an opportunity to see it, and it looks nice to come back with the family on another tour of Brittany.  Nice ride but the car is better lol!!!.

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