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October 31, 2012

Some news from France LXXXVI

Ok, so this is a short entry just to remind you all the 18th Salon du Chocolat started today, but this year will miss it ,as I will be in Brest during the All Saints holiday or Toussaints in France

This are the small details , From Octobr 31 to November 4  2012. From 10h to 19h (time). at the Porte de Versailles, pavillons 5/2 and 5/3, admission is  13€, 3-12 yrs pay  6,50€, younger than  3 yrs are free.

The major details and for me the must to see are (numbers are the stand where they are located)

Bernachon (#D42) : the famous lyonnaise house, go for the palets d’or and its pralinés.

Henri Le Roux (#D17) : the master from my new region of Brittany exactly from Quiberon, for its  “truffes de truffe” ,and its caramel beurre salé.

Jean-Paul Hévin (#D21) :the Parisien master for its excellent hot chocolat or chocolat chaud, serve on site!

Philippe Pascoët (#C24) :the exile Breton living in Switzerland, for its orangettes and ganaches recherchées (absinthe, basilic, thym…).

Pierre Marcolini (#D26) : the most famous of the Belgians are here, for its “chocolat primitif” and his  grands crus from Brazil, Ecuador,and Madagascar

and here is the site in English,

The winter is here so come prepared temps here now at 12C or about 55F, mornings and late nights even colder.  Ahh and forget the overly pricey and touristic Angelina , been there many time even the one by the petit trianon in Versailles nice but try this one  chocolaterie Jacques Genin;133 Rue de Turenne, 75003, closed mondays and open tuesdays to fridays 11 to 19h and Saturdays 11-20h nearest metro Filles du Calvaire webpage And ,an oldie Amorino, my fav store at 4 Rue de Buci, 75006 , open mondays to sundays from 12 to 00H midnight! nearest transport metro Mabillon, webpage

Enjoy the weekend everyone!! I will be out tom early to a destination to be showcase in my blog next week. Cheers

October 27, 2012

Some news from Bretagne X

Well winter is here or is it autumn? Really can’t tell the difference. We have the temps go down to 4C and during the day went up to 12C then down to 8C now, and tomorrow it’s expected to go down to 1C in the morning. So ho ho ho winter is here.

Nevertheless, life goes on ,and having nothing to do and awaiting for my next weekend All Saint’s Day mini vacation, decided to take a stroll out with the fam.

We hit the stores!!!! shopping for furniture for 3 young men is not easy , or is it hard to do at all? At the end ,nothing was purchase and the decision is pending for Monday evening. Then ,we went for lunch or rather late lunch and after walking around deciding where to go too ….lol! passing A la Breizh Cafe and Patty O’Dowds Irish pub, we headed for Le CatWay our favorite at the pl Gambetta, Le Port area of the pleasure marina, Vannes. webpages to follow in order, : : catway no web but is at 3 pl Gambetta, tel +33    (0) 2 97 47 25 50 .

I took advantage of some wine buying as there is a foire or sale going on, so obligatory stop at Nicolas, pl du poids public in Vannes. Oh did I said went shopping for furniture, yes BUT is one of the stores we went. And ,check out La Foir Fouille for misc housing stuff, very good prices and handy items there always ,also, in Vannes. webpages to follow; , ,

We end the day by having a glass at the Irish Pub just opening time lol!!! before heading out to do our groceries at a new place we haven’t try , Intermarché supermarket in Vannes . Well the prices are pretty much the same all over, and we still like best Leclerc at Vannes. Finally we came home loaded and waiting for the night’s TV lineup before getting ready for our next week and winter, yes ,cold is not our thing . webpage

So ,here it is a bit more of my new area ,and you all have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.


October 24, 2012

Some news from France LXXXV

Some briefs news in between week to tell you about the big race Tour de France, the schedule is on, and hopefully there will be riders lol! It favors the grimpers, the mountain guys and its the 100th edition on June 29 to July 21 2013.

We will stages passing by Bretagne/Brittany and as well as my beloved Versailles, the link is here

The kids are winners in Kidexpo , from Saturday October 27 to 30 every day from 10h to  19 h. At Porte de Versailles, halls 6 and 8, metro porte de Versailles line 12, Tramways T2 and T3, and bus 39 (station Desnouettes or bus 80. Admission is 12€ adults, 6€ for the for under 4 and education folks. Webpage

Favorites places of mine to be with kids, Bobino, 20, rue de la Gaîté, ; Atelier-théâtre de Montmartre , 7, rue Coustou, ; Théatre du Marais,  37, rue Volta; ; Bouffes Parisiens, 14, rue Monsigny; , Cirque d’Hiver, 110, rue Amelot;

See the wonderful story of Tea, yes the most drinkable after water in the world. See it display its history at the Musée Guimet, until January 7 2013,from 10h to 18h, webpage

And where would you eat the best cheesecakes in Paris, well there are those and then there are mine, here is my favorites; Rachel’s cakes , 22, rue Crespin-du-Gast , an American in Paris of course,which only sells to restaurants and hotels etc, I know I once worked for deluxe hotels in Paris, lol!! ,Schwartz’s Deli, 16 rue des Ecouffes,   Smith’s Bakery, 12 rue de Buci, Columbus Café, 25 rue du Vieille du temple,

and do not miss this one at the Louvre, in cooperation with the Prado museum of Madrid, all for Raphaël, the Italian painter of the renaissance. Until January  14  2013, every day except Tuesdays from 9h to 18h, night showing on wednesdays and fridays until 21h45 and saturdays and sundays until 20h.

Have a great rest of week,and dont forget next weekend in France we move one hour behind !!! Sunday October 28 you move the time back one  hour.


October 22, 2012

Train travel to the Paris region….from Brittany.

This past weekend did something different, as always France is different. Even in public transportation ,its a a nightmare, sure it is easy , let me explain.

All folks visiting here love to take them; I guess for the souvenir, the locals have no choice due to the high cost of going by car and parking in the Paris region, and I have try them all. Still for me the car is king/queen. I once again try the trains to take my father to Roissy CDG from our home in Auray, Morbihan, Brittany.

As it was a weekend, the trains were far and fewer than on weekdays, so the best connection was to start from Auray train station at 14h33 on a TER Bretagne train service to Rennes, passing by Vannes, Questermbert, and Redon. At Rennes we change train to a TGV direction Marseille lol!!! we stop at MassyPalaiseau while passing, Laval, Le Mans, then at Massey TGV station took another TGV train direction Brussels!!! passing by Marne-la-Vallée Chessy (Disneyland) and finally stopping at Roissy CDG T2 SNCF station. Arrival time 21h15 !!!! with a 25 minutes delay at Massy.

The TER  , the TGV

We stay at the IBIS CDG at Roissypole on T3, which I have been before and was very nice location hotel, easy in and out for our departure the next day. The hotel was expensive at 112€ for a tyny room hardly space to shower , this has to be the smallest room I have stayed in ever in France. The food was overprice at the Sud et Cie restaurant but good service and good food of burger ibis and bucher cut of beef with grimbergen beers, and coffee for 97€ for two. The hotel is airy,new, modern, very loaded with amenities and very central to the terminals and the CDGVAL airport inter terminal train service. So on a must stay, its ok otherwise avoid. webpage

The system CDGVAL is nice, fast ,clean, and convenient way to go between terminals at Roissy CDG and not too many tourists use it.  It goes in 8 minutes from one terminal to the other and its true.

We were supposed to fly Delta or rather my father was, on terminal 2E, this was change when we got there to terminal 2F, so no big deal across the street. The gate for him to leave was L34, but by the time he went in thru security it has been change to L53. It must be Delta but….

Finally I came back to the TGV station to get my return trip home. From Roissy CDG SNCF train station took a TGV train to Rennes, passing Marne-la-Vallée Chessy (Disneyland) then Le Mans to finally reach Rennes with 1h30 time to spare before taking my next TGV train to Auray. Left at 12h48 and arrive at gare d’Auray at 18h33. Long days, the car is better I tell you.

The only good thing about it is that it allow me to visit the area of the train station in Rennes, I have been here before on work assignment,and passed by it many times always thinking of stopping by,but never did. Then, this time gave an opportunity to see it, and it looks nice to come back with the family on another tour of Brittany.  Nice ride but the car is better lol!!!.

October 16, 2012

Halloween in France….

Well Halloween approaches and once again another pass in France. Many years ago I participated going around each home in New Jersey, then as grow older stop. Then several years later had sons, and started them on it in Florida, going around with them dressed in superman, etc;;;; they continue until we came to France for good in 2003.

We then saw the kids in the neighborhood coming to our day for candies trick or treat and it was magical again. We started handing them out but them they were so many after the years went by and we decided to a big bowl of candies outside the door, and they well behave took it. Now my sons are grown man ,and no longer do it. I still have the nostalgia of it , I guess the kids never left out of me.

Here are some spots in the Paris region to do it, that I have participated before, usually the American Cathedral or Church hosted them but this year the Cathedral under renovation and do not know if they do it.

Disneyland Paris has until November ‘ this year….going on  now. You go there on RER A train from Paris, and the hours are Saturday to Friday October 6 to 26,  this is it, Mondays to Fridays from  10h to 20h, Saturdays from 10h to 22h, Sundays from 10h to  21h , and the schedule from Saturday October 27 to Tuesday October 30  is all week from  10h to 22h, then from Thursday Nov 1 to Sunday NOv 4 , Thursdays to Sundays from 10h to  20h30; admission adults is 61€ , children gets a pass for many activities for 74€.  info

Le Manoir de Paris, 18  rue de Paradis, has full activities this year. You get there on Métro Gare de l’Est or Château d’Eau, and the program is from Thursday October 25 to Sunday November 4, all week from 18h to 22h , admission is adults  20 € –  children under 15 15€. more info here

Parc de Choisy has pony rides for the kids, at 160  avenue de Choisy, free admission is this is the schedule, already going on until wednesday October 31 ; Mondays to Fridays from 16h30 to 19h, Saturday, Sundays from 9h to 12h ,and Saturdays also from 13H30 to à 19h and also on Sundays from 13h30 to 18h, then on Thursdays to Sunday and from Nov 1 to Nov 11  Mondays to Fridays from 16h30 to 17h30,and Saturdays and Sundays from 9h to 12h, more info on the parc de Choisy from the city of Paris webpage

You have the ice skating ring at the city of Boulogne-Billancourt at 1  rue Victor-Griffuelhes ; they will have a special Halloween event on October 31th for young adults from 21h to midnite, you get there on metro Marcel Sembat line 9 from Paris, and walk out on rue de 5 chéminées that becomes the rue Victor-Griffuelhes. more info here

My Versailles is not behind with a reading of fairytales (like in a castle) ,,but not in the castle (I always said V is a lot more than the castle !) You will be delighted at the Musée Lambinet; 54 blvd de la Reine, on Wednesday October 31, from 14h30 – 15h30 and  15h45 – 16h45, admission is   6 €, and the best way to get here from Paris is taken the train at Gare St Lazare to  Versailles Rive Droite, the museum is about 8 minutes on foot( you get out of train station turn left on Rue du Maréchal Foch, and next street is blvd de la Reine turn right, and the museum is on your left hand side. here is the official site from the other tourist site in Versailles ::)

A site in French to see it all at halloween 2012 :

And I do critiques on cityvox ,see the link bottom of my blog, in French. So here is their schedule of things to do all over France on Halloween, and remember be safe,enjoy it, trick or treat anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 13, 2012

Quimperlé, another city by a river from Finistére

Today was a challenge as it rains during the early night into early morning, and we got up a bit late, then decide what to do as we always do;late goers. I have heard of Quimperlé in Finistére and it was only about 45 minutes by car from my house so decided to give a shot, a visit , a taste of a visit.

Quimperlé belongs to the region of Cornouaille (Kernev, Bro Gernev in Breton) , and the name of Quimperlé comes in Breton Kemperle that is derived from  kemper, « confluent » and Ellé a river that goes into to create the Laita a river that goes into the ocean and allows the city ot have a port access. The city webpage is at

The city t ourist office webpage is at , see languages top right line.

The best way to reach it for me is by car of course, but it has TGV train service from Paris Montparnasse to the train station here, as well as TER Bretagne train service regional, webpage here

And excellent bus service which I saw in action with frequent passing of buses all over the city, the 1,20€ ticket can be purchase on the bus, here is the TBK bus site  Like I said I come by car on the N165 freeway and go into the exit Quimperlé Centre on the road D16 following Centre signs you reach the place St Michel with plenty of free parking in the white lanes. However, you have many parking parks all over the city many for free,not blue lines. Here is a name list in lower city or Basse Ville ;Parking de la Place Charles De Gaulle,Parking  de la Place du Barzaz Breizh,Parking de la Place des Anciennes fonderies Rivière,Parking de la rue du Bourgneuf,Parking de la rue Ellé, Parking du Cinéma, and on high city or Haute Ville, Parking de la Place Saint-Michel(mine), Parking de la Place Winston Churchill, -Parking de la Place Jean-Jaurès, and Parking du Coat-Kaër.

The market life is important from the 20C on and still goes on the main one at place Saint Michel, it goes on every Friday from 8H to 16H with a second smaller market all year on Sunday mornings from 8H to 13h around the Les Halles ,Place Hervo.

There are severail things to see here, from the historical Le Présidial, the building mostly gone now only is left with a front (see photo) it was built in 1683 to replace an covered market!. From the visual stairs shown you went into a terrace that give to the first floor, where the justice audience was carry out ,at the end of this salle or room you had two doors communicating to allow exchanges with the municipal elected officials . The found guilty were enclosed in the building next to the stairs that served as municipal prison.  At the revolution in 1791 the moved of the mayor’s office and the tribunal to the old abbey of Sainte Croix . The “Le Présidial” served as seat of the members of a society  that housed the loyals of the cult ephermeric . The Hall survived in the ground floor  until 1829.  The “présidial” served temporaly as a prison until 1868  after the belltower of the  Sainte-Croix after  1862. It was abandoned and became a work help or employment bureau  and later a place of meeting for the workers union of the  C.G.T. It has now house art expositions organise by the city of  Quimperlé.

The ruins of the church of Saint Colomban, there since the 6C!!! with a Celtic monastery following the rules of Irish Saint Colomban. Destroyed by the Vikings in 878AD. Some claimed to have been renovated by the year 1000AD and on the 13C a great Gothic church long of 50 meters was built. It still can be seen a piece from this period by the wall of the altar with sculptures and a facade renovated from the 15C. church of the lower city or basse ville it comes into diehard times and to ruins for lack of maintenance in early 19C. The modern cinema is there now in the old altar of the church now name Cinema La Bobine. (see photo).

Abbaye Blanche or white abbey, built around 1265AD by duke Jean Ier  to house a convent of the order of the  Dominicains to compete with the powerful Benedictines of the abbey church of Sainte Croix.  The name of the abbaye blanche or white abbey is probably in honor of the duke’s wife Blanche de Navarre( Navarra) or to the color of the clothes of the monks there.  and The convent was closed in  1790 (French revolution) , and the church disappeared and the monastiques symbols are progressively dismembered. In 1808  the ladies of the retirement of the sacre heart or  Sacré-Coeur. In 1887, a cult of  Saint-Joseph is established.  The sisters are replaced in 1960 by the daughters of  Jésus de Kermaria. The chapel of  Saint-Joseph is built between 1932- 1935. (see photo)

The Pont Fleurie, or flowery bridge,  crosses the river Ellé  at the level of the place Lovignon ,and was  until 1643 the only means of access to Quimperlé from the east.  It has been renovated by the 15C and the central arches done after the flooding of 1746 . The bridge was guarded by two towers on heavy thick walls surrounding the lower city or basse ville opening out with three portes or doors following to roads , Vannes-Quimper and Quimperlé-Carhaix. The ramparts were done between  1250 and 1270, became in ruins after the war of the 100 years and were erased for good by 1680.  The granite blocks salvage were then used to built the quai Brizeux bordering the river  Laïta. the bridge inspired several painters from the 19C on, and one Theodore Hersart de la Villemarque , wrote  Barzas-Breiz has a statue there by the pont and place.

And it was here that we had lunch , on the rue d’elle by the river, and pont Fleurie at the Créperie du Pont Fleurie, 5 rue Ellé, tel +33 (0) 2 98 96 19 35  I had a pizza cochonne with the local andouille sausage and potatoes, and cheese huge really for two persons, banana splits, coffee, the rest had more or less the same and two bottles of cider Patrick Gourlay local fermier for five persons 106€ great! must be back ,must you visit,the service was prompt and very friendly ,we spoked with servers and owner all nice. tourist office webpage for them

By place St Michel you have the church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption, it was under renovation so we saw the outside, an old chapel built in two times, the nave dates from the 13C ,the tower, choir from 14C and the porches from the 15C. It was in ruins in 1373AD by one Du Guesclin during the war of succession for Brittany, the church rebuilt thanks to aid from duke Jean V, decorated flamboyant gothic and enlarged. Its new choir vouté in stones with its tower reaching 35 meters ( a arrow tower in wood covered in lead will have it at 60 meters). To come back to see the sanded sculptures in the nave done in  1430AD ,amongst the oldest in Brittany. It is ,also, commonly call church of St Michel as well by locals.

Ancient couvent des Ursulines, or old convent of the Ursulines, the foundation of the community of Ursulines in Quimperlé dates from 1652. They buy in 1665 the stables of  Bel-Air. First stone of the building is done in 1667  and the entry of the monastery is done by the Ursulines in 1674,  where they would teach to the daughters of the neglected . the success makes for enlarging of the buildings from the 18C to end of the 20C respecting the original architecture of the building.  the law  Combes, establishing the separation of State and Church in 1905  take them out.  The old monastery becomes a primary school for girls.  In WWII, the building is taken over by the Nazi security and police.  The Gestapo ,interrogates, torture in its walls. AFter the war, the building is return to a primary school teaching girls then to a collége or middle school  Jules Ferry. The chapel is today a place to have expos of comptemporary arts.

To see in second trip will be the Chapelle de Lothéa, the Hôpital Frémeur, and inside the Chapelle Saint-Eutrope, and the Maison des Archers all sound wonderful to see.

However, the one you must and I wont mine seeing again, it along is worth the trip to Quimperlé is the abbey church of Sainte Croix or Eglise abbatiale de Sainte Croix.  I left for last the best you know it as on everything ::)  Its a  jewel and in  splendid conditions. It is here that all started… It the most prestigious monument of the city of  Quimperlé, an abbey founded in the 11C by the Count de Cornouaille, Alain Canhiart following a miraculous cure. His church along with the abbey of  Lanleff, the only church in Brittany to have a circular plan copied as the one in the Saint Sepulcre of  Jérusalem.  It form a Greek cross, and has equally a form of a clover drawn as in the Saint-Sépulcre of Jérusalem. From the 11C it has been preserved its interior a wonderful museum of works of arts. The choir of monks is a one of the best realisations of Roman art, the crypt from the 11C is still preserved, a entombment of Christ sculpture in about 1500AD ,a retable from the 16C, a  Christ en robe(dressed Christ)  ,and a chaire from the 17C are ,also, remarquably there!!! A must to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tourist office at pl Charles de Gaulle, to end this one day visit to a nice city ,in Finistère dept 29 next door neighbors. Cheers!


October 12, 2012

Some news from Bretagne VIIII

This was a sunny day after flooding with rain the last few days. Time to report on my new hunting ground of Brittany or Bretagne, or Breizh (breton). Did I say my city is Auray or An Alre in breton. YES!

Going on now until November 18 2012 its the Le Pays d’Auray-Baie de Quiberon is the Fête un automne autremont or any other autumn. It involves several communities from Belle-île-en-Mer ,Auray,Carnac, Etel, Quiberon,St Anne d’Auray, La Trinité sur Mer etc. webpage Auray tourist site   it is arts ,streets events all over these towns. see link above on telecharge documents 1,2,and 3 for all the information

At Lorient, the Salon du Livre de Mer will be held from October 27 to 28 at the Eric Tabarly Cité de la Voile with over 40 authors and illustrators present.  Admission is free and if want to see the la Cité special price of 4€!  You can telecharger le programme complete in French at this site

At the area Cineville cinemas now comes the Opera season 2012-2013, great plays to see on screen in the cinemas of Cinéville Lorient, Vannes Garennes, Vannes parc Lann(mine), one opera for 21€ 5 for 85€ and 10 for 150€ the best and most famous from Rigoletto, Marie Stuart, Otello etc and as well presentations of the Bolshoi Ballet such as Don Quijote, and Romeo and Juliette. webpage   ,and program pdf file

The théatre Anne de Bretagne is continuing with great selection of artists from ballet Antonio Gades, Marc Jolivet, Raul Paz, and others. By place de Bretagne near palais des arts, webpage

Parc des Expos in Vannes will have the Salon Habitat, all about real estate, decoration, furniture, energies, gardens, ecos well homes in general; Coming up November 17-19 2012.  As we are looking well a good one to be in it ;;) webpage Admission 5€ and the parc webpage is here

La Lucarne at Arradon near Vannes, great events place and coming up nice presentations of Faust, Gargantua, Rose is a Rose, Daphnis é Chloeé, SpiriTAngo Quartet. All along the year, one of my favorite places here webpage

The Atlantique Jazz Festival at Brest until October 28 2012, with Gerry Hemingway, and Soweto Kinch amongst others, see at Espace Vauban, Quartz, salle du Clous and Mac Orlan all over the city. webpage

At the Le Chorus parc des expositions of Vannes, on Dec 6 at 20H the St Petersburgh Ballet Theater will play the Le Lacs des Cygnes or Swan Lake!  tickets at all FNAC stores, tickenet,and francebillet, plus hypermarkets.

And why not something about foodies, the sweets gastronomiques of our region, such as chocolates, caramels au beurre salé, dry fruits, tea in many colors and flavors, wines, champagnes, and mugs deco great at Aux Mille Délices, 23 Rue des Halles, Vannes webpage

We stop for a light snack and coffee Macchiato and Cappucchino at Brooklyn Café, on our way home in the Atlanville shops and restos complex off Rue Sainte Anne, webpage have on the cafe and you can see the other restos there in French, great area;  it has internet connection for free, and great newsmedia to catch up on the latest in the area.

And tonite is lazy social Friday night so we have opted for pizza yeahhh!!! Just in time to watch the football/soccer game France vs Japon friendly match on TV with the family. I ordered my Los Angeles favorite of pepperoni and they delivered home lol!!! Pizza Sprint that is. Here is the webpage and our city page store location, its all over the area too;

Cheers from Brittany or Salut de Bretagne or Salud de Breizh.


October 10, 2012

Some news from France LXXXIIII

To continue with tradition is to add to it once in a while and never forget so this is the post about France, Paris really or is it Versailles ,why not Brittany lol!!! Too many wonderful experiences of my life. Openly share with good heart and good cheers for the world to read.

Paris is having a great American painter’s expo at the Grand Palais itself ! Edward Hopper ,from now to January 28  2013. Schedules from Wednesday to Saturday from 10H to 22H and Sundays , Mondays from 10H to 20H, closed Tuesdays at the Grand Palais. tariffs or admission at 12€ webpage American art of the XX century and coming from a great show at Madrid’s Thyssen-Bornemisza museum.

Given you some of my favorites cuisine and many memorable trips is the sud ouest or southwest region of France. Some of my all time favorite restaurants in Paris from there are here: L’Ami Jean, 27, rue Malar, (75007). Tél. +33 (0) 1 47 05 86 89. open everyday except Sundays and Mondays . Menus: 35, 42, 55 € ( lunch.), 75 €. Carte: avg. 65-80 €. just do that for lunch as a warning that the prices goes up high for dinner ok. webpage

Pinxo Saint-Germain, 82, rue Mazarine,(75006).  Tél. +33 (0) 1 43 54 02 21. Open every day. Formules: 18-29 € (lunch.). Carte: avg. 40-50 €. Second resto of Alain Dutournier, pinxos are the basque tapas and it is great ambiance too. webpage

And my must , had try it at the roots in Toulouse place victor hugo and here in Paris, J’Go, 4, rue Drouot, (75009). Tél +33 (0) 1 40 22 09 09. Open every day except Sundays and Mondays. Formule: 16 € (lunch), menu à 22 € (lunch). Carte: avg. 30-40 €. webpage

And good news for the Bretons, the Musée Grévin, that celebrates its 130 years old this year has a new wax star in Breton Nolwenn Leroy. Its a winning event for this woman of 30, her last album of Breton songs sold over 800000 albums coming second in sales in 2011 in France. Nolwenn is getting ready for another album which the going out is schedule for Christmas. webpage

See and taste and buy the USA Cupcakes at the original entry to France at  Synie’s Cupcakes, 23, rue de l’Abbé-Grégoire, (75006). Tél. +33 (0) 1 45 44 54 23. open every day except sundays. webpage

And one event will missed this year but always a nice one to go too is the  79e édition of the Fêtes des Vendages de Montmartre ,this year from October 10-14 in Montmartre on the theme of gourmandise.  The main points will be Thursday the 10th with the chocolate as the guest of honor, with animations and the participation of pâtissiers-chocolatiers from the district.  Friday 11th Oct. it is the day of cheeses and the market of the chapelle as well as  the five beers of the Goutte d’Or with his founder  Thierry Roche (28-30, rue de la Goutte d’Or).

Saturday the grand march with  1600 strong march from 15h to 18h, from the Jules Joffrin to gym  Ronsard.  Many events like Confréries fo wines, marionnettes, fanfares, business shop owner, associations and inhabitants of the district in a parade  followed by the traditional  fireworks shot from the square Louise Michel, and a musical display by 21h45. The not to be missed ride of taste or  parcours de goût at the summit of the hill between the place du  Tertre and the  Sacré Coeur, with  160 stands of winemakers, artists and producers from all of France that will allowed to taste their products from Friday to Sunday from 10h to 22h Friday and Saturday  to  23h Sunday to 19h.

The ceremony of singles in marriage done every year on the place des Abbesses by th mayor’s office of the 18éme arrondissement Daniel Vaillant, will take place on Sunday from 10h30 to 12h and will be follow by a dance of singles from 12h30 to 15h. It will have secret baskets fruits,  and candies to enhance the lovers. Finally, Sunday evening the concert to closing ceremonies at la Cigale with more than 15 artists  including Thomas Fersen from 16h to 18h, free ticket to grab at  la Cigale ,friday October 12 between 12h to 17h, and Saturday Oct 13 from  14h to 17h. An event all should try year after year if you can ::)

To see something magical go to Musée Maillol, see Canaletto ,the most famous of the 18th century Venetians  with fifty paintings and expo of his work until February 10 2013 ; see it all here webpage

More than 400 pieces of jewerly of Van Cleef & Arpels will be on display at the musée des Arts Decoratifs, 107 rue de Rivoli, until February 10 2013, classic

A hotel recently renovated and classic boutique Hotel Verneuil, 8 rue de Verneuil, 75007. facing the old home of Serge Gainsbourg , only 26 rooms classic webpage

How about delis in Paris ,yes these little grocery stores selling wonders to your taste and mine. I like the old cliché , La Petite Maison dans La Prairie (the little house on the prairie) 43 rue de Verneuil, 75007; from a fashion house worker just openend this wonder.  Great for the picnics in you ,webpage from aeroports de Paris,

Until october 14 2012 the salon mondial de l’automobile or the world auto show at Paris, the way to see with class the best cars of now and the future.  At the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles,for the car lover in me ,another one will missed from being now away from the area ,darn it. Here is the webpage for the lucky ones

Why not a thinking man a la Rodin, visit the Musée Rodin, where the master Auguste Rodin and his wife Rose Beuret are buried under the statue of the Le Penseur or the The Thinker in the garden.  Mr Rodin bought the house in 1895 in Meudon when he was 55 yrs old,and he died here with his wife which he married in 1917. He came here after his breakup with Camille Claudel. Here he received the world to mingle and inquire about his work.  You get here at 19 ave Auguste Rodin, 92130 ,Meudon on the train RER C to station Meudon-Val Fleury, then bus No 169 stop/arrêt Paul Bert; this is not the one in Paris, here he lived, died and worked, see webpage

Another trip into wonderful Paris,enjoy the ride, its eternal. Cheers




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