A ride in Vannes, my working city

Today is a sunny day in my area, leisure as getting ready for my next week long business trip to Mexico DF et al. I just cruise the city of Vannes, where I worked ,normally.

Vannes is a wonderful city too, it has a gorgeous city center kept intact even after WWII, and a wonderful new corridor around the expressway N165 full of shops,malls, restaurants, bars, and some concentrated activity  park or Zones Artisanales.

We like the area of Kerlenn, where is full of stores,restos etc: my favorite clothing store is Armand Thiery, and my father needed to go to buy some gifts for his trip to Florida next month, will be a month in his sister house near Miami.

Then, we did a quick fast food thingy, yes , once used to is hard to avoid them all,we love SUBWAY sandwich shops, since first taken a bite in Florida USA, we were lucky to find them here too. The one in Vannes is big, with screen TV, bar club type space,and plenty of elbow room. The usual BMT and philly cheese sandwiches were on order with chips and cookies, and the fanta sodas. all for 19€ for 3 good deal right::)

Passed again by VanOcéa the municipal indoor pool complex,and road on the N165 and palais des arts roundabout, some leisure lazy day and back on the internet, tomorrow will be packing day ,and preparing for the big trip which already hava line up friends in Mexico waiting for a night out, cool.

Until next time, you all have a great weekend and happy travels.Cheers.

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