A walk in my town of Auray

why not a walk in your town in the evening just after work, we went to St Goustan, its the place to be in town. Night and day is nice, its the oldest part, the harbor on the river Loch that goes into the Gulf of Morbihan and then the Atlantic Ocean. This is the city of Auray.

First we went by the usual places to eat to select one, and as usual settle for the same Créperie St Sauveur up the hill from the plaza or place St Sauveur. I have listed it before here in my blog, its great with cheese potatoes and andouille the traditional breton sausage in a galette, then the nice manoushka with rum and rum raisins ice cream, and a coffee and of course a bottle of cider demi sec. all 87€ for five persons, nice.

It was beginning or is already weather changing time so it was cool as summer is over and autumn is here to stay. Its a lovely place this place St Sauveur in the district of St Goustan, in the city of Auray, lower city that is by the river Loch.

We went by quai neuf along the river off the place St Sauveur ,its a place for painters,artists and their studios of wonderful creations.  I like the folks at Setch, 24 quai neuf, they were architects and from 2000 turn out painters, in French their story here ,http://www.hang-art.fr/Fiches_artistes/Expo_05/Fiche_Setch.html

You see the new creperies like that of le Baracrêpes,3 Rue Saint-René the hilly street up to St Sauveur , http://www.morbihan.com/creperie-baracrepes/auray/tabid/7419/offreid/ade8f68e-06a0-41b4-bea8-029d35b32503/detail-restaurants.aspx

There is ,also, a new Irish joint given out very good cheap prices like a beer for 2€ Le Phenix, 19 Place Saint-Sauveur, still no webpage.  It has a FB page here http://www.facebook.com/groups/92709101131/

Don’t forget to get some biscuits, madeleines and chocolates at maître chocolatier de France E Larnicol, at  1, quai St Martin just underneath the ruins of the old Chateau d’Auray.  You can see there are all over including Paris, site http://www.chocolaterielarnicol.fr/content/12-nos-magasins

We walk the old quarters always a delight and for a prize on way out we saw several cars Panthers antique collectibles getting ready for the auto show Salon de l’Auto at Vannes, oct 5 and costing 5€ admission, for more in French here http://www.lechorus.com/detail_programme.php?id=90  Le chorus is the parc d’exposition here, for events and shows, concerts,etc in the area.

I saw in my own town, for the first time,the plaque in memory of the departure of sailors including Samuel de Champlain to Port Royal,Acadia. Upon orders of Cardinal Richelieu !! and they sailed from Auray lol!! oh Canada….on the boat l’Esperance de Dieu, with isaad de Razilly. Another history milestone, the town of 3 countries now, France, Canada, and the  USA. And ,yes even locals discover their town every day ::)




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