Locmariaquer, stones and beaches near me

Well back to the realities of Brittany after been a week in my wonderful Spain. Just to relax and get psychologically ready for work took a ride nearby to the quaint small town of Locmariaquer. Its a harbor ,beach, oysters, mussels seafood place near me about 15 kms. The tourist office is in French, for Locmariaquer and nearby communities, at http://www.ot-locmariaquer.com/

You get here best by car off the N165 expressway (free as in Brittany), and get off at exit for”Crac’h-Locmariaquer-Saint-Philibert”. The bus can get you here from the Vannes or Auray train station line 1 , the schedule in the region site http://www.morbihan.fr/UserFile/flash/CarteTIM/horaires/HLn1-H1-2012.pdf

The town of course, its centered around the church of Notre Dame de Kerdro, it was built in the roman style between 1082 and 1120 AD by the monks of Quimperlé.  The remains still visible today are the transept and the choir; on the facade there is the inscription in Latin “Hic Domus Dei” (here there is a house of God). This exterior area show an archaic architecture with many roman cubiques, bricks, and mix with bricks of different positioning all dating from this period.  The door is protected by a porch up front that the ceilings in wood wre taken down in 1988 that allows us to see an inscription in Latin “Haec Porta Coelli” (here is the door to heaven). Near the southern door you find  protruded in the walls a beautiful blessing in granite decorated with leaves and grapevine, dating from the 15C. The interior of the church show its roman architecture in the transept and the apse. From the city of Locmariaquer mayor’s office, in French but better pictures, http://www.locmariaquer.fr/patrimoine-religieux-page-74-rub-2.html

You come here for the stones or megaliths, famous and part of the effort of UNESCO world heritage sites, here you find a wonderful example of them.  The  Grand Menhir, is a huge block of stones weighting  280 tons today cut in four pieces but before were aligned. The tumulus Er Grah of 140 meters long, with an important funerary architecture, the dolmen  covererd with coverage of stones, the famous Table des Marchands,which in reality is a collective tomb. All very impressive. more info from the National Monuments site of France at http://locmariaquer.monuments-nationaux.fr/en/

You come for the abundant seafood especially oysters, and mussels, the oysters are world famous here. One place to get them live is at Ets Percevault right off the plage Kerpinher. The contact is at Les Viviers de Loc’Ker (Ets Percevault), route de Kerpenhir – Tél. +33  (0) 2 97 57 47 79 / cell tel +33  (0) 6 76 05 37 73, more on oysters etc at the cultivators sites from the t ourist office in French, here, http://www.ot-locmariaquer.com/page.php?IDSelcategorie=94

You can shop for fish canned goods, biscuits breton, charcuterie, cheeses, gateau breton and others, plus lots of decoration ideas for the house at my favorite store all over the region La Trinitaine, it has a factory outlet here as the factory is right behind the store in the community of St Philibert on the road D28 from my house to Locmariaquer.  webpage here http://www.latrinitaine.com/magasins/saint-philibert/

And of course, eating cant be left for nah especially in this region and alors on est en France !!!! donc , eating is a pleasure. We go usually to the L’Escale hotel restaurant facing the harbor, but this time we try the other in the place Dariorigum ,the Créperie des Iles, very nice as it was close to 15H and you know here we respect the time. The folks were very friendly and invited us in, we realise they serve all day, and folks especially those waiting for the passenger boats to the islands do stop by at any time. There is no webpage but they are open every day from Easter to end of September, then open in October excpet the wednesdays and open during the all saints vacation ; closed from November to March. At main plaza, facing the harbor, 8 Place Dariorigum ,tel +33 (0) 2 97 57 35 79.

The views of the sea, harbor and the passenger boats to the islands nearby,makes it a nice quaint place to visit, and relax ,look and eat the wonders of the sea in a family style place. You should check it out. Enjoy the latest photos. Cheers.


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