Lorient , more than submarines, a nice sailing harbor!

Well now the weather is on sunny and off cloudy, warm under the sun but cool in the shade, it seems Fall is here already. I have finally sold my house in Versailles, officially out of there, a bit nostalgic still, it was a great time and place. Now back , decide to visit a city close to me about 30 mins by car,Lorient. The city means in breton An Oriant or the Orient as the companies that sail tothe new world ,the Americas were done here and across the bay at Port Louis.

Lorient was heavily damaged during WWII about 80% of it destroyed. It was an important nazi submarine base from which they prowl the Atlantic sinking allied ships. The base is still there , today use for better things. city webpage http://www.lorient.fr/

You have the huge building that house the submarines base, huge is a little word, the place is awesome out and in; there first thing you see the submaine FLORE, part of the French navy that took part in many cold wars events finally retired in 1989. You go in to the base, deep canyons inside today decorated with paintings, maps, and a wonderful  film,this is another building call Base K3, inside the submarine you see how it works and history of it. You climb the tour David to see afar, and recall storytelling of the war efforts. You have three things in one with one single ticket of 16,30€ or break down to each invidivual ones from 8,40€ ,the submarine Flore, the base K3 complex,and the museum of submarines or musée des sous-marins. webpage http://www.la-flore.fr/

You then go next door in the beautiful sailing boats harbor of lorient home of the volvo 2012 race, and the great champion Eric Tabarly. He with sponsors created a place call the Cité de Voilé Eric Tabarly. This is an impressive building with all you need to know about sailings boats, models, sea maps, interactive sailing boat class, films, pictures,and guides, all around and inside the sailing world. The boats are magnificent starting with the front door black  boat in front that you can climb inside with the purchase ticket, and the sailing boat tower to see all the harbor of Lorient. Huge interactive ,display museum of sailing interesting for the whole family. webpage http://www.citevoile-tabarly.com/

We have been here before, but as there is so much to see here, sometimes you need to come back for more lol! The place Aristide Briand where the FNAC store is ,the gare d’échanges for the bus terminal and the narrow streets full of shops and restos are vibrant always especially on Saturdays. The whole town is there it seems. The marina of pleasure boats just as impressive as the harbor of sailing boats,and the passenger terminal to go to île de Groix across the bay with the compagnie Océane, webpage http://www.compagnie-oceane.fr/

We were close to home so we came upon one of ours all time favorite pastimes while in the USA, Subway sandwiches chain, there is one right at the gare d’échanges buses ,4 Avenue du Faouédic  leading up to place Aristides Briand. http://www.subwayfrance.fr/restaurant_details.aspx?sid=70a5a9c5-ae1b-45c1-a9d4-8d8bece0d2df  great to have our BMT’s and meatballs goodies of old, quick bite and inexpensive.

One last thing not to missed for the boat lover in us/you is the galerie Plisson , it has a branch here just across from the cite voile eric tabarly and its very nice with portraits, books,and frames to do with the sea and sailing ,nice. info webpage in English, http://www.plisson.com/c/381/p/d2457bd091bcfab7677706d531531d6d/Pecheur-d-Images-Gallery-Lorient.html

A nice way to do some walking around beautiful sailing boats,and past the afternoon with the family, while looking into some historical facts of our past to serve as learnings not to repeat them in the future. Enjoy renuvenated Lorient. Cheers

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