Some news from Bretagne VIII

Lets talk about Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh (Breton). The days are a bit cloudy and cooler but surprise yesterday was sunny and hot and even beach time; we were by Port du Crouesty and Port Navalo in the presqu’ile de Rhuys. Today its cloudy and muggy with some wind, and we are home, as the work week begins in earnest as well as school time.

I like to tell you about a wonderful place near me in Saint Avé near Vannes where I work. They told me about it and just try it last week, it was a wonderful experience of artistic expressions,music and arts.  The L’Echonova is at 1 Rue Léon Griffon, 56890, Saint Avé, and the webpage in French is here The best by car is to take the expressway N165 coming from Rennes or Paris take exit Saint Avé, coming from city center Vannes go out towards rue de bilaire on the road D126. You can, also, take the bus line 4  to stop arrêt Briqueterie right at the corner of the auditorium.

Another great event is the Celti’Vannes, coming up September 20-23 2012. It is already 17 years of events showing the Celtic tradition of the Bretons. You will have expos, theater plays,conferences,concerts in cooperation of the many Breton associations and schools in the Vannes area. webpage in French from the mayor’s office of Vannes,

Very quickly all over France will be the days of heritage celebrations or the Journées du Patrimoine ,where many historical and artistic buildings are open to the public,allowing you to see a bit more of the beautiful history of France. Our area is no exception and on September 15-16 2012,the area will have many buildings open to all.  These are the activities in the Vannes area in French and pdf file,

For info this is the official site of the French Ministry of Culture for all of France journées du Patrimoine, of course, in French,  and for the lovers of Paris ::) here is the events there  ,cityvox is below in my links on this blog, I write resto reviews in French there anonimously with another alias ::)

Didn’t wanted to wait ,but just by it and it was great, the exposition of Sur les Rails du Morbihan 1850-1947, at the Achieves Départementales, 80 Rue des Vénétes, tel +33 (0) 2 97 46 32 52, free admission. All about the railroads in the Morbihan , last until April 19 2013.

And thats all for now, have a great rest of Sunday . And of course, a good week next back at work. I will be by Versailles to finally sign off the closing sale of my house,and bid farewell officially to my other love VERSAILLES. Life goes on but memories lingers forever. Cheers!!!

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