What would we do if there were no Paris ?

Well I am back from another wonderful trip to Paris. The title is indeed a question, What would we do if there were no Paris? I would be very sad as once you see once, it stays with you forever. Its something many have try to describe and we have many clitches such as a Movable Feast by Hemingway. However, I find myself with just magical, sublime, unique,no definition you must see yourself.

People ask me what to do in Paris, or what are the top to see places. Well, cant answer, it is all. Even non favorite areas like the blvd Strasbourg-Saint Denis was great to see again, and of course Place de la Republique even  under construction for the statue, so what; it was still Paris. Even staying in the worse hotel ever at Paix Republique, blvd Saint Martin just 50 meters from Republique ,it was still great. Worse in room size, breakfast minimalisation,no AC, last day no elevator/lift, tighest shower room ever, for 3 days!!!  Still it was Paris. What can I say, I got the virus, its call Parisinitis ,and it has no cure, stays with you for the rest of your life. Because we will always have Paris.

And if you think above is nostalgic, no , its real. Love at first sight ,and very strong.  I try to do some ramblings around the pl de la Republique are like a peek at blvd Magenta great for shopping inexpensive stuffs. Then move over to fancy avenue George V,and the shots of the Tour Eiffel, and the river Seine.

We had a get together at the Institut du Monde Arabe, 1 rue des Fossés Saint Bernard, 75005; http://www.imarabe.org/ . I was once there for a show, this time for a dinner in the terrace overlooking Paris, very nice place, indeed worth seeing it.  The food was great,and the sweets to die for it, and red wine, and champagne lol!!!

We had a get together at the Hotel Pullman Bercy, http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-2192-pullman-paris-bercy/index.shtml , this was a conference very nice place, and by nice Bercy Village. The get together with friends went well, however, I lost my portfolio with my name on it lol! There is always a first, never had this happenned before, I hope they find it.

I went by Bercy Village, its one of the trendies places in Paris with night action until the wee hours, and great places to mingle and share and know people or they can know you ::)  All beautiful people. The place had one of my old hangouts in Paris, Casa del Campo,  ironically the one I frequent was at the pl de la Republique and it closed to moved to Bercy Village. Right at 55 Cours Saint Emilion, and tapas and cruzcampo beers was heavens,love it, with good service in a Spanish style resto by a Venezuelan lady lol! http://www.casadelcampo.fr/contact.php

Of course going backwards, my entry point to Paris now is the Gare Montparnasse, and it ,also ,happenned to be my old work office place nearby. The metro was taken to sample it again, but I much rather preferred to walk. TGV, metro Line 4,8,9,14,and on foot. I come here mostly by car, and walk a lot lately, not realise the metro looks a bit dirty, do not know why ,but that was my impression.

I did pass by the American Cathedral at George V still under renovation,and went by the American Legion Pershing Hall at rue Pierre Charron, just to get past old hangouts. And another whimsical shot at the tour Montparnasse in two parts lol! All in all, it was another short nice trip to the Paris of my dreams. Already looking forward to be back on any excuses lol!  Cheers.

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