Again Carnac, a lot more than stones ::)

This morning was another nice sunny hot day at around 28°C so we headed again for the beach, here you need to take advantage of each hour because the rentrée or coming back from vacation to work is soon, and then autumn and winter approaches. Carnac plage or beach is 30 mins from my house.

We go by car, and past always by Carnac Ville, the town away from the beach where the Church of St Cornély is located by the museum of history and archeology both already visited and nice for the whole family. You can search for Carnac here and see all posts on it ,there are becoming numerous. webpage for the museum is and church  official webpage

However, the main reason for us to come here is the beach and the quaint restos all along the beach at the section call Carnac Plage or Carnac Beach, which is about 2 kms from the town of Carnac.  All along Blvd de l’Ocean ,blvd de Légénes, and blvd de la Plage. The tourist office is at

We went to le men du beach or plage where the ilot or little island can be enjoy and did on low tide like today, we frolic with volleyball, football/soccer on the Grande Plage ,and we ate fine and lean with sandwiches and ice cream at La Peche Mignon bakery ,57 Avenue des Druides  tel +3302 97 52 08 34  with formula of sandwich, dessert and soda for 46€ for five,and then cross the street to L’Igloo, 56 avenue des Druides ,Tel +33  for four scoops of ice cream of different flavors (choices for all!) for 20€ for five, so we ate well for 66€.

We visited some businesses just for update for the blog as we do shop there often, and recommend to all, such as

La Belle Illoise, fish canning goodies ,77 Avenue des Druides

La Trinitaine, biscuits Breton cakes and local products,  76 avenue des druides,

We do recommend these other places for food,and drinks

La Tour de Pise, for great pizzas, 19 avenue Miln,

La Luna Park, great for kids, and cybercafe at 29 Avenue Miln ,

Planete Junior, great amusement park for kids,its part of luna park but this one can be rented for birthdays etc, and great rides amusement style, next door,

You have two nice galleries or shopping center small to do shopping here ,our favorites are Galerie RahdCôet at  56 ave des Druides,several shops for clothings such as Banana  Moon Shop for clothing, Ty kita for jewerlry , Ali Baba for trinkets of all kinds, and La Pôele à crépes for wonderful crepes breton.   Another nice shopping area is the Galerie de la Fontaine, with Olson’s for bags, and accessories, La Savonnerie for soaps and linens, and Le Transat italian resto for great pastas. you can see info on resto and shots of the galerie here

As a side trip we went to check out a new beach at nearby La Trinité sur Mer, a nice boaters paradise place and it has great four stars camping de la Baie and plage, the beach is at plage Kervillen, however , we found it a bit rocky pebbles and algae too much, so we just took off with a couple of photos for the record.

In all a wonderful day at Carnac as usual. We invite you to come and say hello lol!!! Cheers.

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