Another afternoon in Vannes, the gateway to the gulf of Morbihan and more…

Another excuse to go where I work, and have it as a holiday; I am really on vacation but always the last minute road warrior.  Yesterday, we needed to do some errands and shop, so I gather my father and boys and drag alone the streets and stores of Vannes..

Its a magical city full of shops and restos all over, and yesterday it was vibrantly full. A nice summer day with temps in the 28°C and sunny. We drove by car of course, and went thru the back door on blvd de la paix, got on rue de la fontaine and found parking on the street payable but for 2 euros spent 6 hrs! And as everything is nearby on foot is heavens.

We went to the church of St Patern, is the second most popular after the Cathedral and it is gorgeous as well. In a very quaint old city side full of shops and restos, where we ate too. The church is in the St Patern neightborhood and was name after the first bishop of Vannes in the 5C.  The church was destroyed by Norman invasion in the 10C,and rebuilt in 1723. To visit and walk around its neighborhood is a delight that I recommend. Pl St Catherine, and webpage

We wandered all over the side streets,like Méné, pl des lices,de la Fontaine,de halles, Francis Decker, and the ramparts with the old castle ruins still visible plus a look at the entrance to the chateau de l’Hermine , 5 rue porte de poterne. We did some shopping in the covered market by pl des lices, and visit la Belle Illoise, La Trinitaine , the ice cream gourmand Alain Chartier, Monoprix store in pl jacques le Brix, la huche à pains bakery, and a brief visit to the museum of history and archeology at Chateau Gaillard, open from june to september and best in French at the city webpage here

Got a nice shot of my regional government building or Préfecture du Morbihan, this is the official one, that is for govt employees and official functions, there is another one where the citizens go in for our daily routine as driver’s license,voting,etc. Saw the beautiful souvenirs and breton store La Trapenalgue our favorite in the city. All webpages are end.

Did I said, we ate, yes at the St Patern neighborhood and a wonderful find; Le Gavroche, a traditional French restaurant with terrrace in the back, with friendly Breton welcome of a brandy of rum and honey for free as a digestif! It is at 17 rue de la Fontaine, and we had steaks with cook vegetables, potatoes, grimbergen beers for five, coffee for five, and desserts from créme brulée to ice creams of many sorts all for 96€ for five. Good deal. webpage

Boys did go and shop at Empire Games a sort of star wars scenes of games and figurines, tshits etc all chic and different by pl des lices; very nice friendly service. Another store Japanim is by 14 Bis Rue Emile Burgault  that offers lots of mangas, dvd, cups, etc of the japanese genre of games and movies.

I did my usual majestic drive by the old porte de Poterne over the remparts to inner city that is always magical  going thru there.  And,of course see the old fortifications and the tour du Connétable majestic rising over the remparts gardens. The tourist office explains it very well in English,

And now the webpages and places in Vannes of yesterday’s trip.

La Belle Illoise, fish canning local ,wonderful; 31 place des lices,

La Trinitaine, cookies biscuits ,breton sweets, deco, souvenirs,and fish canning too, glorious at 19 place des lices,

Alain Chartier chocolatier and glacier ,ice creams gourmands, mâitre chocolatier de France at 25 place des lices, and also a school of cooking desserts;;;

Monoprix, discount dept store at place Jacques le Brix,

La Huche à Pains, the best bakery at 23 Place des Lices, and two other locations, page at

Empire Games, 20 place des lices, no webpage but easy entrance past the covered market.

Japanim, japanese cartoon,mangas the works from Japan, at 14 Bis Rue Emile Burgault , web is by mangas webpage with store information,

The covered market of Vannes or marché couvert des lices at pl des lices is best explained in French at the city webpage, full information available;if need more let me know, its wonderful.

La Tapenalgue, 23 Rue des Halles , wonderful gifts of Brittany and foods items locally done. The store is in the old section very nice quaint area to walk too, our web.

Dont forget the petit train, or little train that can take you past these places to get a general feel of the city if time is short, of course, walking is best.

Again, as I have done several entries on Vannes, but for reminder the tourist office of Vannes is at  and the department or province or state where we are is the Morbihan, and their tourist office is at

Enjoy Vannes! Cheers!!!

2 Comments to “Another afternoon in Vannes, the gateway to the gulf of Morbihan and more…”

  1. This is a really informative post and it’s entertaining as well ! Actually, I have lived near Vannes (in Rennes) for 6 months in 2000 but I never had the chance to visit the city, so thanks for this gorgeous pictures !!! And thanks for following my blog ! Sunny wishes from Marseille, France !


    • Thank you for the kind comments. Ahh Marseille I visit on business trips which are the most for now. Still trying to move to Auray,Vannes I work. My house final sale is in sept, I used to live in Versailles.


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