Quiberon, a name to consider for your future summers.

I dont get tired of coming back here, its a peninsula but gorgeous. I am not good of describing things, even thus some friends tell me otherwise,they are very kind. Quiberon or Kiberen in Breton, sits just south of me in about 34 kms ,jotting out into the sea with the islands of Houat, Hoedic, and Belle Ile just in front. The tourist office for it is at http://www.quiberon.com/

The best way to get here is by car from the N165 Nantes-Brest road, take exit 34 well posted. In summers ,there is train service from Auray ,call the Tire-Bouchon. You can refer back to previous posting on Quiberon on dates of 23/06/12, 20/08/11, 9/7/11,and 2/7/11.

I took today the wild coast or in French, Côte Sauvage, this is the road D186A that goes along the cliffs and village of the coastal area of the peninsula starting b Portivy all the way to port Maria in Quiberon.  This awesome magnificent, wonderful views of the ocean, with many small ilots beaches, and quaint old villages like at Portivy with a small harbor for boating and fishing. It will be considered by me that you must see it at least once in your lifetime; cliffs,and nature beauty are one thing but when combine with the beauty of the rocks, and waves of our ocean is stunning. See it. At the tourist office the explanation is in French but you can translated with google, yahoo or other service, http://www.quiberon.com/index.php?id_site=1&option=tourisme&id_page=&idCategorie=9&action=afficherFicheDetail&idFiche=6764&pageX=1

You will come into Quiberon by the chateau Turpault or Beg er Lann right out on the rocky coast and into the port Maria area with its fishing inner harbor and fish market, and the passenger boat terminal to the outer islands.  You will once again have your first glass of wine or beer at the Les Trois Mats resto in city center by the Place Hoche. You will get your bread and why not the pain d’épices at the boulangerie Pain d’épices  by rue Pouligner just off pl Hoche on your right, seeing from the plaza.http://www.paindepices.eu/index.html/

Of course, we do park in city center for free if you come early by the place Varquez, where the market or marché is held on Saturday mornings. Weekdays you have 4 hours parking for free there. It has rest rooms available and just further towards the beach you have a nice tree park and the place Hoche.

We dont stay of course ,but always on the lookout for things that friends or readers can use if visiting the area. The hotel La Petite Sirene is one of it, simple accommodation but big rooms and facing the grande plage or big beach ,great location to everything. You have from studios to apartments facing garden or ocean, from 65€ for 2 persons. The webpage is http://www.hotel-lapetitesirene.fr/

We do enjoy the grande plage or big beach, the center of it all here. It has kiddies areas, and grownups. Large beach with white sandy sands and wide enough to play games. The peninsula at its tip in Quiberon has many other beaches, such as Govino, Goulvars, and Conguel, the one at the tip which is gorgeous with views of the island of Belle Ilê picnic areas, campings, white sandy sands horse backriding, and nearby aerplane lessons.

Right by the beach at Goulvars, you have the wonderful upscale Sofitel hotel and the institute de Thessalotherapie a full servive thalaso spa place very modern and chic, with the beach across the road.The webpage  for the Sofitel properties  alonsgside both part of the group ACCOR is http://www.sofitel.com/gb/booking/hotels-list.shtml  ,and thalassa at http://www.thalassa.com/en/destination-thalasso/vacation-treatments-thalasso-spa-QUIBERON_EN.html

Finally we had our in between lunch and dinner meal lol!!! it happenned when you are on the road, was at a new place La Cabana, for us right at Pl Hoche, we always past by it and saw it always full. This time we try it. We were very  surprise , as the attention and service was good even in a full resto day. We had galette of beef and ham, sausages in a persillé sauce, pizzas farenheit with chorizos ,ham, mushrooms, etc. five sangrias as aperitifs, big pint glass of beer 1664 and panaches, desserts of various types and flavors from banana splits to exotic fruits like passion fruit and pineapples, all for 145€ for five persons. All in our range of prices.It has no webpage so I give you one I use to browse thru restos in France, in French of course.http://www.petitfute.com/adresse/etablissement/id/272026/la-cabana-restaurants-cuisine-francaise-debut-milieu-et-fin-de-mois-quiberon  , however the direct telephone number is +33 (0) 2 97 29 51 25.

Really another enjoyable day in Quiberon, and our trip continues thru Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh. Cheers.

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