Carnac is and will be my backyard beach.

I am on vacation but due to the moving and the paperwork that goes with it, (those who have move families will undertand)  ,our vacation will be this year on lastminute routine. Therefore ,why not start with those that are close to us like our backyard beach at Carnac.

Today it was sunny setting out so we got our picnic ready and set out for the beach early. We hit Saint Colombard beach early but by 13h or 1pm we needed to leave as the skies came in cloudy and rain began… So therefore ,its the old question for visitors, how is the weather ? lol ,we never know even with local forecasts its not a perfect science.

We did walk into the bunker that I wanted to do last time so this is a remnant from world war II and still there oxide rusting away but still there.  We again saw the kids activities early on with learning to swim and all in an inflatable pool! The rocks or reefs onto the beach is a sight to see, and the white sandy beach was a delight.

One more note, there is a nice hotel in Carnac, now there is a difference between the beach and the town, one is call Carnac ville and the other is Carnac Plage. The hotel de la marine is in Carnac ville, right across from the musée de la prehistoire (telling you about the history of stones here), and the mayor’s office or mairie. Also,the main church of St Cornely is here , so all is central in town. It is about 2 kms from the beaches. THe hotel is very nice that is why I mentioned here. webpage

The musée de la préhistoire webpage is here

We continue our journey into Le Men Dù beach just before reaching La Trinité sur Mer. Here there is an ilot that on low tides you can reach on foot!!! with a nice beach, and today morning ,it was that day. All natural environment with nice beaches all around you, just heaven on earth.

We took a ride along the coastal waters and we arrive at La Trinité sur Mer, another boat heavens place with a beautiful inner harbor and pleasure boats galore. There is a high bridge over the harbor that takes you back into our town of Auray.

We came home early due to the cloudy and rain, rain now stop but still cloudy. Until the next round tomorrow hopefully they are announcing 30°C weather and no rain and we will hit Quiberon. Cheers and stay dry.

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