My walks and rides at Auray and Vannes….sun and rain.

Well it has been a day of sun out and sun in, with rain hard at times, but the area is lively with folks from all over Europe, especially the GB,British.

I was out with my gang and amongst the running around for the daily routine we stop by Le Port for lunch at one of our favorite places, A l’aise  Breizh Café on top of the Capitanerie du port. We had our mussels =moules with the local guimennée sausages and fries, with  kouignamann breton sweet with a ball of apple ice cream ,and banana splits, plus a bottle of muscadet from Sauvion, for 5 it was 108€  nice ::) webpage

The town is always very nice to walk and we did our daring in the rain tour to the diocese of Vannes high on a hilly street (rue de monsigneur Treioui) overlooking the port below; stop by my favorite Nicolas wine store by pl de poids public in Vannes, for replenishment,and just browse on many including a nice wine and accessories store in my town of Auray on our way back call Le Panier d’Armorique on the plaza (pl de la republique)  behind the hotel de ville or mairie or mayor’s office. There it was raining too. Here is its webpage

We,also, went by the gardens of the remparts of the old castle even in the rain, sometimes we did the tours by car,and whent rain slow down we went on foot. See the stand for velocéa the city of Vannes bike rentals so you can ride all over town; in French so here is the map of stations to rent them ,pdf file,  ,and then this is the webpage for it,

Its always nice to go under the porte de Saint Vincent, the Spanish priest who evanligise this area and its buried at the Cathedral St Pierre in Vannes, a nice perpective of it from the back on rue Saint Vincent. In all just a short walk ,and ride around, for a rainy day it is great, ironic as I write the sun is out,and terraces are back out too lol!!! One can never go by the weather service ::)

Have a great day and weekend everybody, I will have another post on things happening next in my new area. Cheers

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