Some news from Bretagne VII

This was a rainy day until I came home and now the sun is out, so figure on trying to go by the weather service….

I am beginning my vacation time here today, and still going over brochures and maps on figuring how to and where to go …After some errands needed to do like renewing my French passport next week we will have something figure out, I hope.

In the meantime, here is some lineup of things to do in my corner of the world that are annual or often done events for planning ::)

The Haras National d’Hennebont which I went last week has an equestrain spectacle call “Le Voyage de Zabédério” or the travels of Zabédério, that is stunning, a must to see, running to August 16th this year.  and the Haras direct webpage is

You have at Belle Île a party and meeting place of the island folks, call les Insulaires, this is September 14 to 16, and the webpage is at

The Chateau de Suscinio is having heritage feasts an spectacles to do with history ,theater, cinema, chants of music and other nice activities in a former castle of the Dukes of Brittany.  events in August all month. open from 10h to 19 all summer.  Webpage in French but as always if interested let me know for any translation or direction,

The famous Festival Interceltique de Lorient is on from August 3 to 12 ,2012. The Celtic cultures of all people of Galicia and Asturias from Spain, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France come together for many activities on language, music,and dance.  Webpage in Breton or French language only,

Right in my town of Auray there will be until September 9 2012, events in all is communes around the topic of “Détour d’Art” or all around art. You can participate on foot, bike, or auto, with 3 itineraries to visit 17 chapels and churches, 7 walkers circuits, and 2 concerts. And we have in English lol!!!

Coming up by Quimperlé ,not far from me is the les rias, Festival de Théatre de rue, from August 28 to September 2 2012.  All is free , 20 companies | 23 spectacles |12 créations | and more than 40 public get together. webpage in French,

The town of Ploemeur in my dept 56 Morbihan, is hosting from September 15-16 2012 a botanical garden encounter at the Chateau du Ter, with rare plants and vegetable collections.  The 11th edition of Les Botaniques!  ,you will have more info soon at the city mayor’s office site

Until September 30th you have at the historical Le Cohue of Vannes and exhibition by Pierre Buraglio on “d’aprés Delacroix et autres maîtres” OR after Delacroix and other masters. A beautiful recollection of what is now the Fine Arts museum of vannes or Musée des Beaux-Arts. this is in a very quaint old section of Vannes that walking to it is lovely.

The wonderful Domaine de Kerguéhennec, at Bignan is a wonderful oasis of another try to match Versailles, the castle is smaller but nice, and the gardens is beautiful. Here all summer there are activities for all, and this is great for kids too. All is running to September 30th 2012; Expos, sculptures, and collections of Tal Coàt. A nice property in the country of Morbihan.  The castle today is own by the regional council of Morbihan which is the webpage in French,

Some addition as summer is full of activities here, just back from a wonderful trip to Josselin ,story next.

L’ Art dans les chapelles” or the art in the chapels, 19 comptemporary artists in 25 historical  monuments sites, the art at its very best, in pays de pontivy until September 16 2012.  Free visits and then some exhibition for pay at 8€ ,see more at

Costumes and manners of the middle ages come alive n Lorient, see until August 31st,2012. la Tisserie, a wonderful exposition on many dresses and ways of live in the middle ages, admission to museum is 4,50€ adults and down, the expo is included in the price of admission.

A great country and western festival ,YES, but in the Morbihan breton, it had already past and I missed it ,but will certainly like to write it down for next year, its at inland Grand Champ just a bit north from me.  8th edition of the Grand Champ Country & Western Festival, more info here

Enjoy Brittany and Morbihan. There is a lot more, the summers here is full of activities, but try to give my best choices. Cheers.


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