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July 28, 2012

A Coruña, La Coruña y Galicia charms of the rias

Well just back from a nice interlude in A Coruña in Galicia, Spain and its near areas. It was a short trip with business in between but overall very nice.

It was a long flight driving first to Nantes airport, then catching Iberia to Madrid Barajas T4, which already has become like a second home lol!!! then the Iberia transfer to A Coruña airport. Going was gone easy but the return was hell, Iberia was one hour late in arriving, and when the connection at Barajas thinking will miss the flight went to the customer service desk, saw a long line! Then looking at the boards realise my flight was still boarding! (held because of the flight delays of the day) ,ran like a mad man to the gate K85 and was able to catch the last bus to the plane!!! Arrive at Nantes took my car and finally arrive home by midnite! I will try never again to take Iberia, two trips with them and two delays! This is the official site for the airport and also all airports in Spain;

My business took me to Sada near A Coruña and was lodge at the AC A Coruña Hotel part of the Marriott chain just at the entrance to the city,and half way to the office in Sada. The hotel was very nice, friendly, with all amenities I needed. The rooms was big, and the bed; and it has a great breakfast resto with all you can eat included in the price of the room, and the AC Bar was great , cold drinks and light meals. One to consider when in town, even if a bit away from the coastline beaches.

The interaction with the locals was great like a feel of been home; and it was. I got some feedback from them already that confirm my impressions.

Then, it was July 25th the feast of St James or Santiago, the patron saint of Galicia and Spain. It was a day off,so my old friend from Real Madrid days Nilo came to pick me up at the hotel. The poor man drove 110 kms to see me, I thought it was closer. However, the trip ,the company was like family. We drove to Xove, passing Ferrol Viveiro, Oviudo, Cabanas, St Ciprian has a beautiful beach sitting next to Xove.

We have a saying that once a Real Madrid fan, Madridista, you are always one and welcome the world over. Here is home ground and it is no different. We walk all over town stopping for tapas and drinks in so many places I lost count lol!!! It is a faster pace one that I need to get back in shape for it. The locals dont stop eating, drinking,and talking all day long.

We made a meal at the finca or family terrain just overlooking the nice beach of St Ciprian, and we had salmon, and percebes, and salads, plus white wine of Ribeiro, and it was fun all afternoon. I had some adjustments to make but was able to hold on the day and come back to A Coruña.

Here are webpages of the cities I spend the most time Xove and St Ciprian beach,  and

Also Galicia tourist office,

its my depository of souvenirs and nostalgia ,this blog. And sharing is a virtue maybe others will like it, and go there, it is a nice place to vacation too. I as a family already looking forward to it. Have a great weekend y’all.

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