The fortified city of Hennebont,,,lovely past, beautiful present.

Today was a wonderful sunny day here and the first with the family all in place. It was ,also, my father’s birthday -78 and thanks God going strong. So we went out to eat beef as he likes it anyway. I have heard about Hennebont as been a fortified city like Port Louis where i have already been, so decided to go there,new city for all.

Hennebont shows its old side the moment you entered by the viaduc over the port and river, seeing the trains going above you as you enter the town by the river port area. Immediately you see the ramparts of the old castle, still intact. You can even walk it on top all the way from city center to the river facing it. Great views of course. Even my father did it so anyone can lol!!!

There is a name Hennebont from at least the year 1000AD, from the 13C the castle was done by duke Jean I of Brittany.  From 1857, the haras nationaux  or horse raising training site is created at the old abbaye de la Joye. On august 7 , 1944, a great part of the city is destroyed by German nazi bombardments trench on the pocket of Lorient. The districts the most old were badly destroyed and a period of reconstruction began to what is today.

You must see the basilica of Notre Dame de Paradis, (done in 16C), on the flamboyant gothic style constructed between 1514 and 1524 on the honor of the virgin Mary under Notre Dame de Paradis . its tower is 65 meters high, and became a church from 1590, raise to basilica minor by pope Pie X on January 17 1913 for the exemplary devotion of the inhabitants of the city to the Virgin. In 1699 the peste causes lots of deaths in the city and the locals pledge a statue in silver to the Virgin if they can be spare of this desease. it became the Voeu de 1699, thereafter every year a procession is done all over the city, and the desease stopped. The procession continues to this day thus each last Sunday of September. See inside the stained glass by Max Ingrand retracing the great events of the history of Hennebont. The Organ (1652) is the oldest in the department of the Morbihan.

You must see the ramparts, (15C) placed at the old fortification of the times of duke Jean 1 (13C). Overcoming many wars such as the one of the succession of Brittany and the war of the league in 1590. The towers crown the corners at four cardinal points ,now only 3 remained, Tour St Nicolas (at south side), Tour des Carmes,(north east side), and the fortified porte or door at the east side, built before the 14C.  This last one, known as  Porte Broërec’h, the entry door to the enclosed city is flanked by two twins towers link by a bridge conserving the machinary of the raising bridge. A round walkway is seen on top of the towers whre great views of the city can be seen today.

La Porte Broêrec’h ,  is a defensive work to serve tower to tower the guards of the prison that it was  (Marion du Faouët,  the famouse brigand was held here in 1746), with room for the homeless and finally a museum; one of the richest in the department on the Breton Arts. Most of the rooms were destroyed on the Nazi bombardment of August 7 1944. today, the Tours Broêrec’h house in its ten rooms a museum of arts and traditions. Open from June 1st to 30 September from 10h30 -12h30 and  13h30 to 18h30. Admission  4 €/adults.

Le Haras National( done in 1857), with its park a la English with 23 hectares and 7 huge stables. Horses and its history are home here, a must to see and watch the show. Open Easter and all Saints vacation periods from Monday to Friday  9h30-12h30 and 14h -18h. Saturdays and Sundays 14h -18h May, June, and SEptember from Tuesdays to Fridays  9h30 -12h30 and 14h- 18h. Saturdays to Mondays 14h -18h July and August  every day from 10h to 19h. Admissions is 7,10€ Adults,etc. Show of horses during the regular visit on school vacations of Easter all zones  from Mondays to Fridays at  15h30 ; May, June, and September on Tuesdays and thursdays at 15h30. In summer from July 6 to August 28 at 16h  ” show équestre ” of one hour with the visit and show of horses ,spectacle  admission  11€/adults etc…35€ Tour en calèche  or carriage tour in summer from July 6 to august 28 on wednesdays to Sundays from 14h – 19h : 3 €/adults and  2 € Child. More information

The official tourist office for Hennebont,

You can get here on the N165 road Nantes-BRest exit 40 for Hennebont centre by car. By train it has a train station or gare at  YOu can make from Paris gare Montparnasse direction Quimper Brest. The bus and boat network of service to all these towns ,Brandérion, Caudan, Cléguer, Gâvres, Gestel, Groix (Ile de), Guidel, Hennebont,
Inzinzac Lochrist, Lanester, Larmor Plage, Languidic, Locmiquélic, LORIENT,
Ploemeur, Pont Scorff, Port Louis, Quéven et Riantec.

Regular TIM =transports interurbain du Morbihan buses such as no 17,  and taxi services,

La Galèze 1ç, avenue de la Libération Tél. 02 97 36 22 14, Ambulance Taxis Guidelois 16, rue Nationale Tél. 02 97 36 47 00; Taxi Hello ZI de Kerandré – Rue Denis Papin Tél. 02 97 36 11 11; Taxi Loy 22, place Foch Tél. 02 97 85 55 55; Taxi service Tél. 02 97 32 94 40

Last but not least, we had our lunch and happy birthday to my Dad. I chose the Pizzeria del Castello or The pizzeria du chateau in Italian, very nice friendly folks, who took our pictures, and were prompt and food well done. The resto is very near the Tours Broêrec’h . We had faux filet grill in sauce poivre 3, pizza primavera with chorizos, Tartiflettes, and Burger à cheval, apertififs from porto to jack daniels, kir, beer, then desserts from banana splits(2) ,poire belle helene, ice cream of different flavors; a bottle of Villa Burghese, Paqua, Bardolino red of Italy, very good. all 142€ for 6 persons. Great deal.

I am sure will like Hennebont, only 24 kms from my house lol!!! Cheers

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