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July 13, 2012

St Malo and Mont Saint Michel, the great nord….!

I was driving around coming to my Brittany Sud after finishing my move and decided to take a quick break and see two places that I have not been back in years. Knowing of the changes coming up, took a quick visit to St Malo and Mont Saint Michel.

St Malo is a mariners boaters, sailors , fisherman, lovers of the sea place, that definitively needs in depth visit, will do… The main city center is gorgeous even if my driving was fast and furious, the old Chateau area, the pleasure boats marina, and the Fort National seems enough for a more detail visit in the future. Stay tune.

The tourist office for St Malo is at  and the city with good information as well is at

Then  ,in my crazy driving times, took a nose dive into Mont Saint Michel. I have been here before many years ago before the travel forums and blogs bugs, now had the curiosity of seeing it again as changes are coming in 2015. And of course, the abbey is still a wonder to our world. How can an island rock with a monastery on top in the practical middle of ocean waters had lasted centuries, a miracle of St Michel indeed.

The tourist office webpage is at , and good sites nearby for exploring the MSM are Pontorson at  Avranches with the manuscripts history of MSM , , Granville,

The site for all the national monuments of France including of course the MSM in English,  ,and the site to see the construction and changes coming up at MSM to 2015,

In all the abbey with its magnificent architecture and its glorious views over the bay are a must. A wonderful beautiful site to be visited again in depth, more than 3 millions see the most visited site in Normandy region of France!

Have  a great weekend,now me with the whole gang here lol!!!!

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