Carnac ,mythical stones and gorgeous beaches!

Continuing my escapades in my new region, checking it out, y’nah , for the record Carnac has been visited before in my posts of July 4 and August 21,2011. Its a splendid beach area just 15 kms or so from my home. Just to say that this morning I had my first traffic jam so far, not bad just a few minutes but its a sign the summer season has begun in earnest here.

Carnac is known for its megalithes stones, UNESCO world heritage site candidate indeed, one of many in France.

However, the things that attacts me here is the beach life, and restos with terraces along the beaches ,and the nightlife well at least to mingle in the restos but my sons love it ::)  Its just about 15 kms from my home so very easy to get in and out. The area can be reach better by car, along the N165 direction Carnac, see my previous post on Transport in Morbihan bits and pieces. In general , public transport can be figure it out here

The drive is very nice along quaint villages ,and the main entry from my side of Auray is the Carnac bourg, this is what is considered the city center , usually where the church and mayor’s office is located. It has a nice central plaza with restos all around it ,and an escape from the more bustle at the beach or Carnac plage. You follow the signs for Les Plages, and you reach the area of beaches known as Carnac plage.  Here is  one beach after the other, my favorites are Ty Bihan (central) Légenèse, and the Grande Plage. There is also, St Colomban,Beaumer ,and Men Du.

The official tourist office for Carnac is at webpage

There is a petit train or little train service, that takes you around the city and into nearby La Trinité sur Mer,

There is ,also, a casino on the bourg side a bit away from the beach for those interested, not my cup of tea, but there is always someone who likes it, for info ,webpage

For hotels and accommodation been a beach area, there are plenty, however, I like the Best Western Le Celtique hotel and spa, secluded on a back street yet 100 meters or so from the beach, in a residential area, very nice and chic. I would love to spend a night here, I think you would too.  You have the link from Best Western hotels here,Best-Western-Celtique,93333  ,however there is a site of the hotel itself here  , and another version showcasing its Spa facilities thalasso here,

For a quick coffee, the lotto tickets, magazines, newspaper, and the must stamp, we had the opportunity to visit it especially for the lottery and newspaper this friendly Bar Tabac Le Marigny, very close to the beach, here is the OT tourist office with commerces in the city, you see the Super U grocery store its just on the other side of the hotel above and continuing on past the tabac le marigny,

It was time to eat again, and we came back to our favorite at the Memes Tra, just off across the beach at Ty Bihan, and very close to the tabac and hotel, great fast friendly service always, the food is delicious, we gang up on mussels is the season, curry and garlic sauces combination with delicious homemade fries, grimbergen beers, and more banana splits, Breizh gourmand (coffee with small breton cakes like far breton etc), and Quebec cup of ice cream different flavors. All 90€ for four. tourist office has listed with many others at  the tourisme for the deparment of Morbihan has in French with more detail info,

Then, on our way we past by the famous megalithes or stones, this nobody is sure how they got there and how they were built, a mystery of the centuries, its very popular, we past by it and took the opportunity to stop and grab some info and photos. I am not into them stones, but its very historical and folks all over come to see it. The locals have a predilection for stones even decorating their homes with it on the facades. The webpage for the main house or maison des megalithes from the National Monuments webpage in English here

Like I said, the beaches are glorious, the time of the year to be out every day, unfortunately we work here (really we do ::)) but on weekend is fantastic, and then after my move next week comes August the vacation month in France. WE dont know where this year is dyfunctional but we wil find something lastminute….. Cheers y’all.

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