Bretagne, Morbihan some transports bits and pieces….

ok so one of the most difficult situation in Brittany, Bretagne, Breizh is the minimum public transport service. The idea of moving about freely as in the ile de France (Paris,Versailles) region is unheard of, nothing like 10 minutes of intervals on buses,etc, here you get one every two hours; the summer a bit better as it is tourist season for the region, the winter is dead.

Trying to figure it out is tough, luckily I depend on my car, my boys a bit less, we try to connect whereever they are as to from where I am coming from or a simple outing to city center Vannes for example can take all day to maximize the traject and shopping. So ,therefore, here are some bits and pieces of public transports in my new department of the Morbihan, dept 56 of Brittany, France. Listing by towns,

Starting from Auray, you have the connections with TIM or transports interurbain du Morbihan (now part of Keolis network on mobibreizh) on lines 1,1bis,5,6,and 16. the site for all is at  , 2€ , pay on the bus, then you have the city of Auray Auraybus, all year from monday to saturday, tickets sold on the buses as well, the city  now handle by Keolis Atlantique part of Mobibreizh at

In summer you can take the train ride Tire Bouchon from Auray to Quiberon, a popular destination and already noted as my favorite spot. TER Bretagne you can buy tickets in all area train stations. cost is 2,90€ from Auray to Quiberon, navette service to passenger terminals and city center for 2€ FRom June 30th to Sept 2 and then weekend of Sept 15-16 2012. webpage in French but if help needed let me know,

You have car rentals at the gare from Avis,Europcar, and the grocery chain Super U (which is ,also ,a national program same site) there are good parking at Athéna (by the centre culturel) rue Henri Dunant, Chapelle Saint -Esprit, rue des Féves, place Hulot,Place de Kériolet (my favorite just at city center side), place du loch,place notre dame,place raoul Dautry, rue du jeu de paume, Le verger.  Taxis from train station stand here:

The city of Beltz, Keolis in mobibreizh buses line 16,18, rent bicycles at les vélos de la ria, 19 rue des sports (behind the Super U grocery store)

Belle_île-en-Mer, bus Taol Mor everyday from april to november 7th, four regular lines, main station embarcadere espace Charles de Gaulle, A quai de l’Yser;  bicycke rentals at A loca scoot & Vélos 4 quai Bonnelle, Au Cheval de Fer Quai Gambetta, Reversade, 14 rue de l’église,, Location 2 roues, Quai de l’Acadie,  . You have taxis Jose Guégan aat or tel +33 (0) 6 71 64 28 71. rental cars Avis, LMT car bike,  and Locatourisle, front of embarcadere or passenger marina port ,

Locmaria, bikes at locmaria cycle, rue des Acadiens,

Sauzon, bikes at cyclo loisirs, route du port, Pen Prad,

Brech, Keolis on mobibreizh bus line 5, info at as in Auray and into Vannes.

Carnac, Keolis (mobibreizh)  lines 1 and 18, site as in Auray. bus Carnavette, from center to beaches in summer july and august 7 days a week, free main at mayor’s office or Mairie, Place de la chapelle, or Carnac bourg, site: Rent bicycles at A bicyclette, 93bis avenue des Druides, carnac plage,  . Parking for your car available by Impasse des Korrigans, chemin du Tumulus, rue Paul Person, rue de Courdiec, Square Illertissen, Place Saint Fiacre, avenue du Rahic, La Poste, Port en Dro,Carnac plage (my spot). parking is free.

Crac’h, Keolis (mobibreizh bus line 1 and 1bis Ti’Bus  goes in summers to Crac’h, Locmariaquer,and Saint Philibert from monday to saturdays in july and august. Free.

Erdeven, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 16 and 18 . bike rentals at Taxi, Allez-y TAxi, Kerouriec, tel +33 (0) 06 98 67 20 58.

Etel, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 16 and 18.

Houat, island, bike rental Houat vélos, on the port (harbor). You can have your luggage and you transported to the house or port harbor by calling the mayor’s office or mairie at tel +33 (0) 2 97 30 68 04.

Locmariaquer, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus 1bis,. Bus local, Ti’Bus, goes from city center to campings and beaches of Locmariaquer, Crac’h, Saint Philibert, its free.  bike rentals, camping domaine résidentiel de Kerpenhir, 2 rue Henri Erzan, ,Camping Lann-Brick at

Plouharnel, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus 1 and 18. bike rentals, tourist office in summer at rond-point de l’océan, and train station or gare de Plouharnel in summer months. Taxis ,taxi du dolmen, tel +33 (0) 2 97 52 40 40 and taxi de Plouharnel Kristof, tel +33 (0) 6 27 42 57 87. car parking by the train station and place de Gaulle;free.

Quiberon, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus 1 from Auray, also see the train Tire Bouchon from Auray in summer months. The local Quib’bus goes in city center, gare train station, more here: . bike rentals at Cyclomar at 47 place Hoche,  You can rent cars there at the Super U grocery store by 116 rue du port de Pêche . parking is at Le Sémaphore,route de Kernavest, entrance to Quiberon or Kerné, by the passenger boat terminal, route de Kerniscob,  also at Sizorn, 36 rue de Port maria (april to september), Hotel de la Mer, 8 quai de Houat, however my favorites are by Place Varquez and the gare or train station and then its 5 min walk to the beach and its free. For taxis well known Abaca taxis Quiberonnais et Saint Pierrois, 24 rue des Tritons, webpge

Saint Philibert, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 1 and 1bis. and local bus ti’Bus see Locmariaquer, and Crac’h.

Saint-Pierre Quiberon,  Keolis (mobibreizh) line 1 from Auray. bike rentals at train station or gare at Rue Georges Clémenceau.  Taxi Nevo, 22 avenue de Bretagne or

Sainte-Anne d’Auray,  Keolis (mobibreizh)  lines 5 and 6, by Auray to Vannes etc.  taxi Guernevé,  34 Rue de Vannes (D19)  tel +33 (0) 2 97 57 56 56

La Trinité-sur-Mer, Keolis (mobibreizh) bus lines 1 and 18.  local bus Trinibus, city center to beaches, harbor, villages in summer every day only .Free. More info:  ;parking along the port or behind the creperie la Goeland. others are at Place du Voulien, le Grand Pavois, La Vigie,Kervourden, Le Poulbert, Cours des Quais, Place de la Mairie (fees), parking du terre-plein des américains, last two in zone bleau , parking limited by time. Otherwise the rest are free. TAxi, tête de station, cours des quais facing the fishmarket, allo taxi trinitain at

The sea connection to outlaying islands are diverse, to the Belle-île, Houat,and Hoedic, see the Compagnie Océane,  leaving from Quiberon, and also Navix,  departing from Quiberon, Vannes, Locmariaquer, Port Navalo, la Turballe, Le Croisic from april to september.

Leaving from Locmariaquer towards the Golfe du Morbihan or Gulf of Morbihann  you ,have the passeur des îles to port Navalo and iLe d’Arz from april to september, at  and the L’Angélus to Houat from locmariaquer at 9h30 on

Connection at Etel (harbor) to Plouhinec (Le Magouen) le passeur, from june 1 to September 30th, more here:  Also, departing from St Goustan in Auray le Bono le Passeur des Iles here: and Navix, compagnie des Iles to the island in the gulf of morbihan from april 1 to September 18, at 4 quai de Belle-île, facing the passenger marina at Quiberon,

And this is leaving out the major towns of Vannes,and Lorient.etc. the overall site for all transport in Bretagne now is  Mobibreizh:

Hope its made a little easier to all visitors. Cheers!!!

2 Comments to “Bretagne, Morbihan some transports bits and pieces….”

  1. Pedro, you are truly amazing. You have more information here than most people who have lived in the area all their lifetimes. Will be there around the middle of august and looking forward to a reunion at Quiberon. Mucha Calor en Nuestra ciudad San Cristobal, todavia no es agosto! Yehuda


    • Thanks. I try to help as I know most people visiting FRance use public transportation. Of course ,I use the car, the public transport is only when the company pays hehehe Here too we have a sunny day should be good for the beach, I will take a stroll by Carnac,yesterday was La Trinite sur Mer.Saludos


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