Some news from France LXXVII

allo allo today is the first day of Summer and also the 31st Fête de la musique. A wonderful event started in 1982 by culture minister Jack Lang of France. Today it is held in 110 countries around the world announcing the beginning of summer.

I have participated in several but unfortunately this year been in moving transit I am in Brittany and waiting for work travel next week to Brazil.

The site to see it all and you can click for each area in France is the  Culture ministry of France webpage

and why not see a good movie at the MK2 Bibliothéque , webpage 128 ave de France 13éme. The photomaton at the renovated Palais de Tokyo, great show at avenue du President Wilson, 16éme , webpage

Looking for a fairly new hotel Hotel Thérese at 5-7, rue Thérèse 1éme, 43 rooms very romantic ,webpage   .You can take a romantic ride at night on the Funiculaire or cable car up Montmartre. at  Place Suzanne-Valadon 18éme until 0h30 (just past midnight).  The little boats at the park  Buttes-Chaumont, you can rent them by the hour or more and glide on the lake ,  Rue Botzaris  ,19éme every day from 7h30 to 21H,and in summer to 23h.

See a wonderful museum very little known at  6, rue Furstenberg ,6éme.  the Musée Delacroix, webpage

Two wonderful theaters one is the Théatre éphémére de la Comédie Française, pl. Colette galerie d’Orléans du Palais-Royal, will be showing nos plus belle chansons or our most beautiful songs to july, webpage   Then you have the romantic at the musée de la vie Romantique ,6 rue Chaptal , 9éme until July 15 webpage at city of Paris mayor’s site,

In a survery by Le Figaro newspaper , the places Parisiens find the most romantics will have some surprises for visitors, the most is by the banks of the Palais-Royal, with 15,4 %  of votes. next came the gardens of the Musée Rodin,with 14,5 % , then comes the  tour Eiffel (illuminated version),bringing in  11,1 %  of votes, then the steps of the church of  Sacré-Cœur,and then the  pont Marie,  square du Vert-Galant, Bagatelle ,and lakes of the park  des Buttes-Chaumont.

And the cinema is of the honor in summer, from June 22 to 27  at the 13zme we have the Italian week or the semaine italienne at the cinema Escurial . At the  11, bd de Port-Royal ,13éme.webpage

From June 29 to July 10, you have the forum des images at different sites in Paris,  this year honoring Hong Kong, with more than 80 films. webpage

From July 25 to August 26 at the prairie of  Triangle de la Villette ,19éme you can come to the Cinema in plein air or open air cinema on the program films such as  La science des rêves de Michel Gondry, Gran Torino de Clint Eastwood, A History of Violence  de David Cronenberg ou encore Virgin Suicides de Sofia Coppola (free admission).webpage

Finally for me as a choice will be the Festival Silhouette from September 1-9 in the parc des Buttes Chaumont ,19éme , with concerts and short films in open aire, free admission. webpage

And of course, in closing why not a galette breton, from my new area ,but you can have it in Paris too,La Compagnie de Bretagne  ,6éme, done by the  Roellinger, and the Rochon family. At  9, rue de l’École-de-Médecine. webpage

Have a great time, will be back there mid july for the move lol!!! Cheers.


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