Paris, I will always have Paris….


This was a short trip and some new photos never before dare to take,but now there is a blog lol!

Its amazing the photos I am taking just because of the travel forums and my blog, never imagine will be doing this but now I just click away at anything, just like an in house tourist ::) The latest was my one day trip to Paris on business,which allow me to pass by the house in Versailles and check in with the family; all eagerly waiting for that closing of the house and the moving day by mid July to Brittany.

I ,again, had to take the TGV train from Auray passing Vannes, Redon, Rennes, and Paris Montparnasse, very easy indeed. The problem was the metro or subway or tube, boy was it dirty, line 13 was dismal dirty and papers and beggars, then line 1 was ok as passing to more chic areas. The hallways is always a long walk. Many tourists talk about the metro as if it is a visitor thrill, well let me tell to those who live here and need to go to work on them it s a nightmare. There is always a train delay (short power outages), and the works on the line by the La Defense, that makes you take buses lol!!! and then another train ,crazy indeed. I rather take my wheels, put the medal to the pedal and rock… which reminds me might need to take a driving course to minimise my points on my license, darn it…money money hungry governments.

I did stay at the Le Meridien for one night just to soak in the Parisien life at Porte Maillot and was close to the dinner my group was having at Bistro Saint Ferdinand. First, no need to expand on the Meridien is tops, be there or be square, period.

The the food, Bistro Saint Ferdinand is part of a group of Bistro run by Dorr ,and it is just around the corner from the Porte Maillot on 275 Bd Pereire, webpage  The concept is simple a fixe menu of 42€ per person including sharing a bottle of wine for two, entrée, plat, and dessert, plus coffee. the price is ok for Paris but the food I thought was salty and bland no way for that price. I had avocado salad, coquilles saint-jacques,creme brulée, coffee expresso and the wine. Not one to pay for it, but glad try it with the company paying for it.

Then I took my usual stroll thru Paris, photos did not turn out well so need to discard a few, but the walk was from the porte maillot to concorde by metro then walk from there to gare St Lazare that allow entry into Versailles rive droite….Saw my wonderful place de la Madeleine, Concorde, department stores, and the church of the Madeleine, my old neighborhood where I once worked.  Wonderful to walk Paris again, a walkers’ paradise indeed.Do it…..!!!!

The usual is now taken photos of train stations as I passed them by, unique , thrilling ,and just plain dorky tourist in me. Hope you enjoy it,and thanks so much for reading my blog. Enjoy your week wherever you are. Cheers.

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