Some news from France LXXVI

Well a bit raiiny today in my neck of the woods but did went out and will have more posts. However, a bit and tips about places in Bretagne and France in general are in order.Hope you can enjoy it in your visits or deplacements en France lol!

Want to speed race at 300 kph and legal, head for Pariswest at Maurepas in dept 78, mine; Universal Circuits, a games place will get you into a Formula I simulator. Thrill of 20 minutes for 20€. Open every day inclusing Sundays from  10h to  19h. Tél.+33 ( 0) webpage

Climb the famous Buttes-Chaumont park. Do a descend of 20 meters high in the middle of Paris . The comité départemental de spéléologie  de Paris(CDS 75)is giving every Sunday an initiation in the parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The thrills are free and the materials is given on site.  the hours are from 11h to 18h and inscription on site from  10h30 in front of the pavillon Armand-Carrel, entry in front of the mayor’s office;direction Metro Buttes-Chaumont. Local information tel +33 (0)

the stamps collectors will have a field day in France ( I am not but do buy the nice stamps when mailings to my friends and family) .One of the main event is a stamp on the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte! They have even installed a temporary post office in front of the grille door to castle. The package is call « La France que j’aime » or the France that I love.  There are 12 historical monuments showcase,and will be made available from tomorrow in all post offices here.

Moving closer to where I live now, (pending my sale of house in Versailles, live in Auray). The July 24-29 2012 will be the Cornouaille at Quimper. Music and dance of different genres .You can come here on TGV from Paris montparnasse easy. These are parties done since 1923 and ecome a festival in 1982 on. Becoming the most important Breton event of the year, many music and dance is from our region now mine ::)  For info email  or webpage in French,

The rockers can come to malestroit July 27-28 for the Au Pont du Rock; the Revolvers, Sally Ford and the Sound Outside will be there.  webpage

See the tango in Bretagne, and the name of my blog (in case not notice is paris1972 for the last tango in Paris movielol!!!simply the best). Now at wonderful La Roche Bernard you can see it here from July 12-15, the Escale Tango; with an hommage to the late  Roberto Navarro, see more at webpage  and try  the video,  in French but go to programmation and see all the artists and schedules.

Close to me at Vannes, the wonderful Jazz à Vannes, great wonderful with the great Yuri Buenaventura(a must) singing the great songs of old and now, this is a classic event from  July 30 to August 4 2012. Its the 33rd edition so its good lol! in French of course but under programmation and billeterie you have schedules and pricings, and directions webpage

You have the Fêtes Médiévales de Hennebont near Lorient, medieval events all over city center with animations in many streets,and a huge artisans market as well as chevalier tournaments with food on site, a great event in an old town. July 28 and 29 the 17th edition with free admission. webpage in location site but under programmation you can see all, in French,

Another great event from July 15-25 2012 at Polignac, the Festival de Polignac, violins music and poetry recitals from Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, as well as dance and accordéon, percussions music and soirée flamenco with LInea del Sur. Nice event see it at the church of Guidel. webpage you can hear music like fado at the site.

For the arts, sculptures, potteries, jewerly , paintings etc head for the peninsula of Rhuys and Sarzeau on Sunday June 24 , Les Arts dans la Rue in city center. Its the 4th edition, tourist office of Sarzeau

Same month in Vannes you have the 5th edition of the  Salon en Bretagne du Livre , book faire at the jardins des Remparts or the ramparts gardens of old castle in city center Vannes. June 22-24. from 10h to 19h free admission. webpage

Near Lorient at Pont Scorff, you have a wonderful zoo doing great things this summer. Les Nuits Blanches des Animaux or the white night of animals will be on from June 26-28 july and from 19h. see it here,

And of course dont forget the cinema, our ,the best is at Vannes, Cinéville, where we saw 21 jump Street today, very hilarious cops and bad guys game. The schedule is heavy as I have some more mark to go see there. You can come off the N165 expressway into exit 779 road and follow cineville/centre commercial signs, webpage

Have a great Sunday everyone, cheers.


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