Vannes, the gulf of Morbihan, and I work here….

Well work here and live nearby ,so come here often on weekends, its the area biggest liveliest city, with a beautiful city center and great sea canals and passenger port. This is Vannes or Gwened in breton language.

Once again have other posts on it in my blog but for ease of information here is the city and department tourist offices.

Today I just hang out with my twin boys both now 18, so we had some beers together at one of the icons of the area by the area of Golfe du Morbihan, Brasserie Edgar, 19 Rue François Daniel  at the parc du golfe, part of the Mercure hotel there, wonderful property and one of my favorite hotel chain anywhere. webpage for both here

Right in the Parc du Golfe area always following direction for Le Port or Golfe, you have an aquarium,

You ,also, have a butterfly garden or jardin aux papillons ,

You have a bowling alley at Le Master just across from the Expo center, at  , facilities for discotheques, cafe, and sports TV screens.

You have a wonderful Aquatic Club or water training center with spa, great for exercises and relax for the whole family, at plus an exercise with gym next door , Balnéo , that is rocking, just need to have more time to enjoy it, one time is not enough lol!!

Last , you have an Exposition center that does events, concerts, and expositions all year around,  handle by the organism Le Chorus, the next concert is on june 28 by  Anne Roumanoff a very well known comedian here. see it at

Of course, that did not stop my gang from ruining me at the FNAC, and Game stores in Vannes. Lots of shopping in city center, and already full of visitors from abroad and other regions of France. The summer should be a bang. Have a great weekend. Cheers

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