Chateau Thierry and Champagne;;;;;

I took a ride over to Chateau Thierry with collegues from work, part of a meeting, we did had time to see a wonderful champagne house that  I like to share with my readers.

This is their tourist page

A bit of history, the area is known since  the 5C with the Gaulles then Thierry IV at the 8C, then Counts of Blois and Champagne to arrive at our times.  Jean de la Fontaine the great story teller was born here in  1621.  Here you are in the river Marne country, beautiful and close to where my wife was born.

It takes a turn from the department of the Marne 51 and Seine et Marne 77 to be in the deparment 02 of the Aisne  in the region of Picardie. The town takes the name from the merovigian king Thierry IV who had a castle here so Chateau Thierry is the name of the town today.

Château-Thierry  was of the key points of battles in WWI specially in 1918 between the American forces and the Germans around the bornes of Vauthier, that marked with stones the lines of the battles in WWI.  It again serves for battles in WWII  specially around 1940. The bridge of  Château-Thierry was defended by the men of the Aspirant de Rougé;and the new bridge bears his name. Charles-Armand de Rougé (« vicomte de Rougé»), fell in combat here on June 10, 1940.

I started my journey from Vannes on TGV train passing by Le Mans, and onwards to Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy(Disneyland), there we rented an Avis car to take on the A4 autoroute to Chateau Thierry.  The return was in reverse only this time we passed by Rennes onwards to Vannes.

Overnight we stayed in the wonderful Best Western Ile de France, second time I stayed here and both times very nice place to be. Webpage at with beautiful views over the Champagne vineyards. Fully loaded even with a Spa service.

The highlight of the stayed was a visit to Champagne Pannier, fully explained just for us, after 18H with dinner underneath the cellars amongst the old bottles. We try the whole palate from extra brut to demi sec. A wonderful place, great welcome, nice friendly chat and tour, and delicious Champagne ,to say the same of the great food. The place can welcome visitors in French,English,and German languages and the facilities are magnificent. A recommended place to visit. Webpage

In all a very nice stayed ,visit, and tastings, one to be remember and come back with the family. Hope you found a new place to visit in France too. Cheers

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