Some news from France LXXIIII

Here I am again doing something on my blog, it has been a hot day around 24C or 75F and sunny in the afternoon and still now. The tourists are coming earlier this year many license plates and from abroad UK is leading the charge.

One event dear to me is at Cluny in Paris. There will be an exposition on the archeological puzzle that is shown in the grand door of the abbey of Cluny III ,destroyed by man in May 8 1810. The show is going on until July 2nd open every day except Tuesdays from  9h15 to 17h45; webpage

A wonderful terrraces in Paris are now popping up again, how about two of my favorites at opposite sides of Paris. First, the Opera area is grand L’Opéra Restaurant, by the Opéra Garnier ,at  place Jacques-Rouché, Tel +33  01 42 68 86 80. Open every day and menus from  36 € (with  ½ bottle of mineral water).

And the hippie La Rotonde6-8, place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad, Tel +33  01 80 48 33 40. Open every day, cost is about on the carte of  30-40 €. Brunch on Sundays is 35 €.

Have a blast at my old work place when it was the Intercontinental Paris,  The Westin Paris together with the spa Six Senses is freeing the terrace all summer on each Tuesday from 9h-10h, for a session of  yoga hatha . 3, rue de Castiglione, Ier. 75 € the session . Réservation: Tel +33 01 43 16 10 10 or email at

The now famous Velib bicycles will have an event for its fifth year of operations, at the most beautiful avenue in the world, do 40 000 kms or the equivalent of a world tour. The event «Les 24 h du Vélib», the dates June 23-24. webpage

You can light up one thousand and one candles at Vaux le Vicomte castle at the sunset each Saturday until October 6 from 20h to midnite. Call in French  «Soirées aux chandelles» taking place at the garden design by  Le Nôtre, and inside the castle.

Play  Sherlock Holmes taking place in 12 arrondissements or districts of Paris.  See July 7 between 10h and 13H, will be online at webpage from June 1, its a primer here,

The movie that took Cannes and nobody knows about it is hitting the Paris cinema now, 7 jours à l’Havane or Seven days in Havana Cuba.

Until we read again ,have a great rest of the week. I will be by Versailles again as my house there has a contract and hopefully it will close and done with almost 9 wonderful years there. Cheers

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