Amazing South Africa, Sandton and East London

Ok so just back from another exotic trip, this time it was South Africa. Have not been back since 1998, so this opportunity was great for the update. The East London area is working class but also, has some nice neighborhood,then the Sandton area as Fourways are just superb it seems very nice architecture and lively.

The country has gone thru a metamorphosis and its looking very bright with growth potential even if as every where else there are economic problems. I was there on business so not much touristic side trips. The car was the main mode as I was driven around, so it look easy, and as I am a road warrior this was heavens.

I did spent a wonderful week, and many new friends who treated me as if known for years. I was able to go into the country to meet customers right in their homes out in the country, very good roads, and gorgeous scenery. My photos were taken with my blackberry so not uptimum but ease of use when on business.

I arrive and was pick up by the transport folks of the hotel where I was staying, the Sitatunga Transfers folks were always very dependable, and the lodging was done at their property near Sandton at Sitatunga Guest Lodge, webpage You will be in an oasis and well treated. When I needed to move to East London,  I stayed at Thrity Six on Bonza ,another nice   boutique lodge ,gorgeously done, and great friendly service; webpage

When we did go out we had fun at Fornos Bakery in Fourways near Sandton, great burgers, sausages, and drinks while looking out in the terrace over a shopping mall and passerbyers, webpage  We had dinner on request at Thirty Six on Bonza as per above, and also a great seafood and cheap 10 euros for prawns plate at Vasilis Mediterranean,Sandton, here is the description in a South AFrican dining guide,

I ,also was able to try the Gautrain underground station in Sandton, and direct to OR Tambo international airport, very easy magnetic card depends on your usage you buy from machine using bank cards or cash, very easy indeed,and modern, clean, fast and on time. webpage  The airport at Johannesbourg  OR Tambo is very nice with all conveniences and had easy in and out there all the time.  ,the nice terrace bar here is Mandys  The airport at East London is smaller but then easy to manouver and I was told the most expensive place to visit by plane as not too many connections available, it has an interesting zuly type shape roof,and great bar at Mile High Bar.

I was even close to a beach at East London, very nice beaches in the area, and sure a promise to come back and visited them by the locals.  It sure was a surprise to visit, last time anywhere in Africa was in 2009,and this time it was a very good impression. I shall be back.

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