Versailles is GRAND !!! Beautiful Versailles !!!

Well here I am at my home in Versailles, loving it a nice sunny breezy day, with some clouds late in the afternoon but no rain. The place was pack, someone will say , where is the crisis? but then again ,this is Versailles. Never a crisis for visitors.

One of the top spots in France to visit,and my first of course. I am in transition to Brittany once my house is sold but the last 9 years here have been sublime. I will never forget Versailles ,and I shall return for visits.

Now today I just wandered around town, this time the kids were at Parly II shopping center in nearby Le Chesnay(wonderful to rival any with some stores of fame from Paris) , and I and mouff were walking around a bit. Even going to dare those tourists all over the castle.  THe Parly II webpage

We notice the steel arch over the statue of Louis XIV is finally off, we did ask for it, cant mixed the beautiful old with the ugly new. The place was popping, many folks busloads all over, the gardens ready for the Eaux Musicales were packed. The street loaded with visitors from all over even if the Euro still not as good with the USDollar, plenty of Americans around.

I took a peek at the Arboretum, a wonderful tree park done in 1927 from the old domaine of Versailles, after the French revolution much was in dismay so the property was divided in parcels from the original 807 hectares to the now 37! So the Castle property is only a small portion of what you can see in Versailles!!!  the webpage

We dare go in the property to take some updated pictures for the blog, we like to point out , the many boutiques and resto to eat and shop inside, such as the Librarie des Princes, by the Cour d’honneur for books and music, souvenirs boutique ; for an idea of whats inside, here in French from the union of national museums webpage , de l’Ancienne Comédie, for souvenirs and nice local castle oriented gifts,some of the items you can find here n French, ; and the fine resto Grand Café d’Orléans, for fine dining while overlooking the castle.  A grand cafe indeed, webpage , . All around the Cour d’Honneur.

I took a glimpse of the bus No 171, another alternative coming to Versailles and inexpensive. You take it in Paris at Pont de Sévres reaching there on Paris metro line 9 ,and drop you off right on ave de Paris in front of the castle!!!  For a reminder on how to get here from my previous posts,  in addition to the bus. RER C from Paris  (Station Austerlitz, Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay, Invalides, Tour Eiffel, .etc..) and Versailles rive gauche. There are regular trains from Paris  gare Montparnasse to Versailles Chantiers, and Paris  Gare Saint Lazare to Versailles Rive Droite. Taxis from Paris say about  45- 60 Euros ,taken about 50 minutes average. And of course shuttle companies like yellow van. official Paris and region transport site, RATP,

Not to forget if time is short a nice ride thru the Versailles old streets on the petit train or little train, I saw it this time by the ave de l’Independance Americaine, just to the left of castle facing it, nice area to walk in Versailles.  In FRench on the schedule page,

A shot of the grandeur of the Grande and Petite Ecuries, the wonderful rue Satory off ave de Sceaux, and of course a nice Breton lunch at Le Blé Noir, 9 rue de Satory, from a true citizen of Quiberon,Morbihan , my new home, lots of local discussion indeed took place; and we both agree we have the best of the world, Versailles and the Morbihan ::)  Great galette de chévre or goat cheese,lardons and tomatoes, 50Cl  pitcher of cider,and expresso coffee for 24,50 for two. No webpage but here is my French resto site I have in my links below, ; the local telephone number is +33 (0) 1 39 53 39 09 .

Last but no least, the monument to the fallen at Pl de la Loi, not far from me, at the intersection of Versailles and Le Chesnay. Lovely photo of rememberance. Enjoy my eternal Versailles, I shall be back. Cheers

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